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In-game description: "Anna is a member of the Deathless Harpies, Sasha's band."

Anna is a member of Sasha’s band. Anna starts out 75% Gp.png. and with 20 Sub.png.

After a date, Anna will reveal her tattoo that says “Anal whore”. She’ll do cowgirl sex either vaginally or anally, and with Charm.png > 50 or anal beads, can do ass play during vaginal sex for +10 Sub.png. She'll give a boobjob once your Sub.png >=75

If Mike did not take the guitar skill, after Anna is introduced she can give him the guitar book to learn the skill.

Story events


Prerequisites: Finished Sasha event : Join the Band OR First gig

Sasha will introduce you to her band members Anna and Kleio.

Outcome: Anna and Kleio are available.

Pub crawling with Anna

Prerequisites: 20:00-21:00, Anna Love.png >= 20

Drunk Anna dials Mike, who then goes to hang out with her. They get drunk together and eventually Mike helps Anna get somewhere safe to sleep.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 30

Horror movies

Prerequisites: Home, 19:00-22:00 Done Pub crawling with Anna, Anna Love.png >= 30, Used TV talk topic earlier in the day

You have to talk to Anna before 19:00 !

After talking about TV with Anna, she reveals she likes horror movies. Later that same day, she will come by and watch a movie with Mike.

Note: This only triggers on the same day. If you miss the trigger, talk TV again, then go home that evening.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 40

Fans in the pub

Prerequisites: Date with Anna in Pub, Anna Love.png >= 40 (it will also trigger if you reach the 40 Love.png while you're at at pub date with her) AND Dating.png >= 50% during the date

On a date (*1st date to trigger the second event) with Anna, Mike and Anna encounter fans of the Deathless Harpies.

You can help Anna during this encounter if your Fitness.png >= 40. This will increase her current Sub.png by +20 points.

Outcome : Anna max Love.png set to 50

Anna meets her ex

Prerequisite : Date with Anna in the pub, Anna Love.png >=50, Dating.png >= 50% during the date

Mike takes Anna to a date in the pub at night. Anna spots her ex Gwendoline which results in a confrontation between her and Anna. Gwendoline will begin to insult Mike and Anna until Mike says that he has no problem with hitting girls.  

Outcome : Max Love.png set to 60

Anna meets her ex 2

Prerequisite: Anna Love.png >= 60, finished Anna meets her ex, at Pub/Street or Park

Mike will spot Gwendoline and there will be another confrontation between her and Anna. As soon as Gwendoline talks to Mike and Anna she begins to insult them again until Mike successfully scares Gwendoline off.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 65

Take Anna to a restaurant date

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png >= 65, finished Anna meets her ex 2, date at the restaurant, Dating.png >= 50% during the date

Mike talks to Anna because she seems to be a little bit distracted. After being afraid that she has ruined the date, Anna tells Mike that she had a fight with Kleio.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 70

Fix their relationship

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png >=70, finished take Anna to a restaurant date

Talk with Kleio: Mike confronts Kleio about her fight with Anna and is able to convince her to go and talk with Anna.

Talk with Anna: After Mike confronted Kleio he speaks with Anna about the reason why they didn't settle their differences by now, to find out that Anna wanted Mike's attention so she didn't see a reason to do clear this up immediately.

After he talked to both of them Mike will receive a call from Anna where she tells him that all has been cleared up and that they want to meet him.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 75

Take Anna on a date 1

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png >=75, finished Fix their relationship, finish the date

Anna confesses to Mike that she likes him.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 80

Anna's confession

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png >= 80, interact with her (does not have to be on a date)

Mike thinks that Anna is going to dump him, because she has been acting strange around him for some time.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 85

Take Anna on a date 2

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png >= 85, finished Hangout with Anna, finish the date

Mike tells Anna that he doesn't like the fact that he has be without her after a date.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 90, Anna's status gets updated to Girlfriend

Living-room fun time

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png >= 90, done take Anna on a date 2, invite her to a date at Mike's home

Anna and Mike have a date at Mike's house.

Mike can either just accept or ask if he can record it. If you choose the later option Anna will lose -5 Love.png and gain +10 Sub.png.

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 95

The concert

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png >= 95, done living-room fun time, invite Anna to a date at the pub

Anna and Mike visit a Metalikea concert.

If Mike's Fitness.png >= 50 the event will have a good ending, otherwise it will end poorly and Anna will lose -8 Love.png

Outcome: Anna max Love.png set to 100

Fist of the North Star

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png = 100, done the concert, talk with her at the pub (not on a date)

Anna and Mike enjoy each others company in the pub until Gwendoline interrupts them.

Mike can either watch or interrupt which leads to Anna losing -10 Love.png and gaining +10 Sub.png.

Sex events

Hot tub Sex

Prerequisites: Home Date, Anna Love.png>=50, Sex with Anna at least once, Hot tub repaired

During at Date at home click the "Dip in the hot tub" button when all the requirements are met.

Other events

Anna’s bad practice

Prerequisites: Band practice, practice >= 25, Anna Love.png >= 25

Anna has a bad day at practice and the rest of the band gets upset with her. Mike gets to mediate.

Time schedule

The following table shows at which time you can meet Anna in various locations.

Warning: The table is only valid if you turn randomness off.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 06:00 none 00:00 06:00 none 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 none 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 05:00 sleep
07:00 08:00 coffeeshop 07:00 08:00 coffeeshop 10:00 11:00 coffeeshop 07:00 08:00 coffeeshop 10:00 11:00 coffeeshop 10:00 11:00 clothesshop 11:00 18:00 park
15:00 17:00 map 15:00 17:00 map 12:00 14:00 park 15:00 17:00 map 12:00 14:00 park 12:00 14:00 coffeeshop 19:00 23:00 pub
18:00 clothesshop 18:00 clothesshop 15:00 16:00 clothesshop 18:00 clothesshop 15:00 16:00 clothesshop 15:00 16:00 park
19:00 park 19:00 park 17:00 coffeeshop 19:00 park 17:00 coffeeshop 17:00 18:00 drugstore
20:00 24:00 pub 20:00 24:00 pub 18:00 20:00 studio 20:00 24:00 pub 18:00 20:00 studio 22:00 23:00 pub
21:00 studio 21:00 studio
22:00 studio 22:00 studio
23:00 pub 23:00 pub