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In Love & Sex there are multiple harems you can achieve. One of them is the Band harems which is formed by the members of the band The Deathless Harpies.

The Members of this Harem are Sasha, Anna and Kleio.

Band events

Battle of the bands practice

Mike and the other Band members prepare for the Battle of the Band event. You don't need the band harem to finish this event successfully therefore you don't need to fulfill the band harem requirements.

You can practice every Wed from 18:00-20:00 and Fri at 20:00.

Battle of the bands round one

Prerequisites: Grooming.png >= 1, Hunger.png >= 3, Energy.png >=3, days played >= 45, Friday, in the studio, click on the guitar icon

The event will only trigger if you click on the practice icon on Fri between 18:00 - 19:00.

At the beginning of the Battle of the Bands event Sasha will tell the band members that they will have to compete on two evenings. You can choose how you want to react to this information. Your choice will have an effect on how the event will end:

Charm.png < 80 practice OR Charm.png >= 80 practice
positive >=60% positive >=50%
negative >=70% negative >=60%
angry >=80% angry >=70%

If you successfully finished the first round of the event you will be able to move onward to the second round.

Battle of the bands round two

Prerequisites: successfully finished round one >= 14 days ago, Grooming.png >= 1, Hunger.png >= 3, Energy.png >=3, days played >= 55, Friday, in the studio, click on the guitar icon.

To successfully finish the second event you have to meet one of the following criteria:

Fitness.png>=75 practice = 100 OR Charm.png>=80 practice = 100 OR Charm.png>=80 Fitness.png>=75 practice >= 80

Band harem

In order to unlock the band harem you must meet the following criteria

Love.png Gp.png
Anna >=75 50
Kleio >=75 50
Sasha1 >=75 50

1Sashas requirements are required after you finished the threesome event to unlock the foursome event and the Anna & Sasha & Kleio wedding.

Kleio & Anna showdown

Prerequisites: Have had sex with Anna & Kleio within the last 7 days. In order to trigger the confrontation with Anna and Kleio you must have slept with both girls within the last 7 days.

If you have met the criteria, the girls will agree to stay and form the Band harem. If you do not meet the criteria, the girl with the lowest Love.png will leave.

Once you have successfully started the band harem you can overhear a conversation between Kleio and Anna in the pub (you have to interact with one of them) about anal sex.


Prerequisites: done Kleio & Anna Showdown, Kleio & Anna LP >= 85, current location: Studio (Band practice room)

In order to trigger the threesome with Anna and Kleio, both must have an Love.png >= 85. They will approach you, at the studio, and tell you that you are taking them to dinner and you will be given the option chose a day.

It is possible to fail the date with Kleio and Anna, the description and table below will show you how to avoid that. For this you need to get a "date score" of 3 (DS, not the same as in a regular date):

The first thing that can help you to successfully get through the date is your choice of clothes.

Fancy clothes +0 DS Military fatigues +0 DS Leather jacket +2 DS Else -1 DS

The girls will make a comment that changes depending on the clothes you wear during the date.

After that you have to make a few decision during the date in order to increase the DS.

Decision 1 Kleio Anna DS Decision 3 Kleio Anna DS
Order fruit cocktails -
+5 Love.png
+1 Try to calm both girls
+2 Love.png
+2 Love.png
Order beers
+5 Love.png
- +1 Return Anna's attention
-5 Love.png
+5 Love.png
Order spirits
+2 Love.png
+2 Love.png
+1 Return Kleio's attention
+5 Love.png
-5 Love.png
Order tap water
-5 Love.png
-5 Love.png
-1 Return both's attention (Charm.png >= 50)
+5 Love.png
+5 Love.png
Decision 2 Kleio Anna DS Decision 4 Kleio Anna DS
Reach for knife and fork
+2 Love.png
-2 Love.png
- Offer to pick up the bill (Money.png >= 150)
+2 Love.png
+2 Love.png
Reach for chopsticks
-2 Love.png
+2 Love.png
- Claim to have no money
-2 Love.png
-2 Love.png
- - - - Suggest they split the bill (Money.png >= 50) - - -

Sasha Showdown

Prerequisites: done Band Harem threesome >= 7 days ago; Had sex with Sasha/Kleio & Anna within the last 7 days; Once you have had the threesome an event will later trigger where Sasha will confront you about how you, Anna and Kleio have been spending time together (at least 7 days have passed since the Anna/Kleio threesome).

So long as Sasha meets the criteria, she will ask to join. If Sasha does not meet either of the criteria her max love is set to 0 and she is no longer dateable. If Sasha meets one of the criteria she continues as normal.

Foursome the first

Prerequisites: done Sasha showdown, 20:00-22:00, livingroom

Kleio and Anna will come to Mikes & Sashas home and have some fun.

Foursome the second

Prerequisites: All members of the band harem are in the studio,20:00-24:00, already done the first foursome

After a long practice session they decide that it's time for some relaxing at Mike's house.


Anna & Kleio

Prerequisites: Anna Love.png > 95 & Kleio Love.png > 95, 2 wedding rings

To successfully trigger the Anna & Kleio ending you have to fulfill the Love.png requirements above and you need to have formed the band harem, so you have to at least finish the Anna & Kleio confrontation successfully.

To get Anna's Love.png above 95 you have to finishe her event the concert.

To get Kleio's Love.png above 95 you have to finishe her event Kleio needs help.

After you finished both events and have both of them above 95 Love.png you can either propose to both of them individually (if only one of them is in the location) or you can propose to both of them at the same time (both of them need to be at the same location at that moment). If you successfully proposed you will see the Wedding scene the following Sunday and after that the epilogue in which you can see their children if they were pregnant during the wedding ceremony.