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Your story starts in a user-selected season of the year. If you roam around the city you have access to various locations like the cinema, the office and the mall. Locations like the beach and the waterpark can only be accessed during a specific season (more information on the page locations) and only if you possess the necessary items. The accessibility will change through the seasons. As soon as you hit fall, beach and waterpark are closed. Swimming in the pool will be impossible by fall also.

Some characters have special locations for certain events or dates. E.g. Morgan needs to have a date in the waterpark to progress her story. Alexis needs a beach date. Lexi has a pool event too.

Here is a little guide to give you a better start.


As you may have read in some forum, there is a way to cheat the game. But I will not tell you how. Anyway, if you found out how, you are able to manipulate certain values. Some events are protected against cheating and are impossible to reach once you have changed the characters' values. So be careful on whom you cheat.

Never manipulate Mike, Sasha or Bree.

Also we do not recommend to use the console to directly manipulate values. This may lead to unexpected behavior of the game.

Knowing the characters

Disclaimer, this section contains several spoilers about the game.

If you want to "pause" a storyline, just ignore the fact, that you met the character. With one exception, avoidance is the easiest way to not proceed a character story.

The Roommates

Sasha and Bree are the first two characters that you will met, and reading about them will help you at the start. Keep in mind that there are some actions that can't be undone and will prevent you from reaching certain content. Regarding these two characters, the gaming and guitar skills are relevant.

Avoiding Kylie

Kylie has a special mechanic. You met her twice at the university, the first time requires at least 7 days played, and the second one requires 30 Charm.png. If you want to avoid her (at least for now), you can avoid the university after you reach that Charm.png level. The university is also the best way to increase your Knowledge.png, so you may want to max it first before raising your Charm.png.

Prevent locking characters

Most of the characters content can be locked somehow, they may leave the game or they (or the main character) can be friend-zoned. Each characters page describes this.

Additionally, there are some characters whose content can be locked by advancing other characters story passed some point, and this is harder to keep track.

First Dates

Under normal conditions you will have the first date with Sasha. After this date, you have two choices how to proceed. Either you advance the story step by step or try to handle them all.

I suggest to go step by step. Try to concentrate on Sasha, Bree and Morgan. Morgan's story should be proceeded to the waterpark date as soon as possible. Once you reach this point you can leave her storyline until Kleio pops in. At this point you will have to carefully proceed both stories.

If everything runs smoothly, you will trigger the Sasha-Events soon enough to proceed her story. The special stories like Boob-Job and Mike loves Blondes will come soon enough.

Bree also will proceed early enough to reach most of the events during the first two seasons (if they are summer, fall),


Some of the events will only happen if you're in the right season.

Season location requirement Story? additional info
Alexis Summer Beach car/sports car ✅  one time event
Audrey Spring/Summer Waterpark swimsuit ✅  one time event
Bree Summer Beach car/sports car ❌  repeatable event
Morgan Spring/Summer Waterpark swimsuit ✅  one time event
The Master Summer Beach any vehicle teaches you martial-arts
Shark-chan Summer Beach any vehicle Meet Shark-chan
Bear-kun Spring/Summer/Fall Forest 20:00 - 06:00, Energy.png < 3 Meet Bear-kun
Minami Summer Beach vehicle & swimsuit ✅  one time event (necessary for her story)
Spring/Summer Waterpark swimsuit

Camila winter park date

Kylie winter Christmas event

(These two links link to the event on the wiki page of the character.)

If you start the game in summer you'll have to focus on working and playing through Alexis' story to trigger her summer event at the beginning of your play-through. Otherwise you'll have to wait for one year until you can progress with Alexis' story (the same is true for Morgan and Audrey).

In Minami's case you have to play through a series of dates in order to increase her LP cap (after Angela's visit).


Here is a list of known changes made to the game.


And now have fun...