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Kylie is the 18 year old younger sister of Alexis (Mike’s ex-girlfriend). She has a special stat called Yandere Yandere.png, which represents how her jealousy can make her violent. Yandere is primarily raised when Kylie witnesses Mike interacting with other girls, such as kissing them while she is there. There are also random events on dates with Kylie that can raise Yandere, and during her events Yandere can increase dramatically depending on Mike’s choices. Once raised, Yandere cannot be lowered except in the rare case where Kylie gives Mike her cookies or if you manage to unlock the taming harem

Kylie can appear for Bree MC, but not as a romance option.

Kylie can have post-date sex in missionary, cowgirl and doggy positions. She can do all positions if Love.png >= 90, but she is currently capped at 50. For cowgirl, Sub.png <= 50. For missionary, Sub.png between 25 and 75. And for doggy, Sub.png >= 50.

Mike events

Kylie’s introduction

Prerequisites: University 10:00-17:00, >= 7 days played

Kylie sees Mike at the university and re-introduces herself. The last time Mike knew Kylie, she was a little girl, but now she is a very attractive adult. Mike is conflicted about her, but she is cute and bubbly.

Kylie’s crush

Prerequisites: University Tue and Fri, Charm.png >= 30, done Kylie’s introduction

Mike meets Kylie at the university, where she admits that she had a crush on him all the way back when he was dating Alexis.

Outcome: Kylie becomes generally available. Kylie Max Love.png set to 20.

Kylie phone sex

Prerequisites: 19:00-24:00, Kylie Love.png >= 20

Mike calls Kylie (must click her icon in menu) and Kylie masturbates while he’s on the phone with her.

Outcome: Kylie max Love.png set to 50

Kylie the voyeur

Prerequisites: Yandere.png >= 25, take Alexis to a date, finish the date successfully and invite her over for hot coffee

There is a 20% chance to trigger this event

While Mike spends some time alone with Alexis after a date, he feels that something isn't right. He spots someone peeping on them and soon finds out that it's Kylie.

Confront Kylie

Prerequisites: done Kylie the voyeur, talk to Kylie (click on the Alexis icon)

Mike confronts Kylie about the time he caught her peeping on him and Alexis. She proposes that she will peep again when Mike has sex with someone because he seems to like some audience.

  • If Mike accepts: +5 Love.png
  • If Mike declines: +10 Yandere.png

Kylie gets jealous

Prerequisites: Kylie present, talk or compliment any other girl Love.png >= 50 , Kylie Love.png >= 50 , done Kylie phone sex

To start the Taming Harem you have to:

  • Go to the gym at 19:00
  • Talk to Ayesha in front of Kylie (Ayesha has to be the first person you interact with in front Kylie in your game play)
  • Choose "I kinda like her"

Kylie sees Mike chatting with another girl. She confronts him about it.

Mike can say she’s just a friend, or tell Kylie he likes the other girl, causing her to go down the violently jealous path.

Either way, Kylie targets whoever Mike interacted with.

Kylie asks for study help

Prerequisites: Kylie present, done Kylie gets jealous at least 3 days ago, said target was just a friend, Alexis is unlocked.

Note: Alexis is only unlocked after getting promoted three times at work.

Kylie runs into Mike and asks him for help with her studies. If he accepts they go and he gives her some pointers. If they refuse, she gains Yandere.png and storms off. Alexis shows up and offers some advice on dealing with her.

Kylie peeps on Mike

Prerequisites: Bedroom, 22:00-04:00, done Kylie gets jealous and said he liked target

Mike tries to get some work done late at night, and discovers Kylie peeping on him. He can let her in or not, and either way she acts creepy.

Kylie attacks Bree

Prerequisites: Kylie Yandere.png >= 50, Kylie's Love.png >= 50, Bree is Kylies target, Both of them are in the same location

Mike hears someone fighting in the distance. He soon recognizes that the voices are those of Kylie an Bree.

He can either decide to intervene and help Bree or to hide and watch.

Kylie Bree
Help Bree +10 Yandere.png +5 Love.png +5 Sub.png
Do nothing - -5 Love.png


Prerequisites: Any room in the house, 00:00-06:00

Sometimes Mike will see someone outside the house, but that person will be gone by the time Mike can get out there.

Outcome: If you checked the front porch, Kylie will disappear for 1-7 days without any option to contact her.

Kylie is a stalker

Prerequisites: Kylie Yandere.png >= 25, installed the camera >= 7 days ago, Bree & Sasha are at home, living-room, 10:00-18:00

Mike gets annoyed by the fact that something wakes him up at 03:00 every night and overhears a conversation of his roommates about the lights going on at that time. Mike decides to check the camera footage in order to find out what is going on.

Outcome: The police station becomes available.

Talk with Kylie about the camera footage

Prerequisite: done Kylie is a Stalker

Mike has an urgent wish to die and talks with Kylie about the camera footage. Kylie tries her best to convince Mike that she sorry for what she did telling him she was just passing by on that day and that it lead to her doing it every night. Kylie promises Mike that she won't show up at 03:00 at his house anymore.

Outcome: Removes the police station temporary (you can get access again through the other camera event)

Kylies night assault

Prerequisites: Kylie Yandere.png >= 50, Kylie Love.png >= 50, 00:00 - 06:00, opened the door when she was in front of the house once

When Mike hears a strange sound in front of the house he can open the front door and check for him self what's going on.

If you decide to open the door you will trigger an event where Kylie tasers Mike and tries to force him into having sex with her. Mike has the option to shout for help or stay silent and endure it.

WARNING: If you shout for help when you don't have Bree and Sasha's Love.png >= 75 the one with more Love.png will come to check on you and will be removed from the game. If you installed a camera at the front porch, you will have evidence to report Kylie to the police

Outcome: Kylie gets pregnant if she is successful.

Report Kylie to the police

Prerequisites: Yandere.png >= 50, done Kylies night assault OR Kylie is a stalker

Mike goes to the police station in order to report Kylie. Mike tells Sargent Camila Foglio everything he knows and hands her the evidence. After a while she calls him to tell him that Kylie will be put in prison.

If one of the following conditions is true Kylie will get arrested:

  • You have evidence that she stalked Mike
  • She raped Mike
  • She tasered Mike
  • She killed Sasha or Bree

After you reported it to the Police you'll have to wait >= 7 days to hear from the police if they arrested Kylie or not.

Outcome: Kylie is removed form the map and will no longer appear at your front door at night.

Kylie’s Christmas murder

Prerequisites: Home, Christmas, 06:00 - 12:00, Kylie is targeting a girl, Kylie Yandere.png >= 90, Kylie Love.png >= 25, Kylie is not in prison

Kylie brings Mike his Christmas present. At first Mike is excited.

Then he discovers it’s Bree’s head. Mike responds poorly, and Kylie murders Mike.

Outcome: Game over.

Kylie in Prison

Orange is the new Black

Prerequisites: done Kylie got arrested, not done Camila prison visit, Kylie Love.png >= 50, visit the police station

Mike gets a letter from Kylie and decides to visit her to. If Mike does not accept her propsal the event chain will end here.

Behind bars

Preqreuisites: done Orange is the new Black, accepted her proposal, Kylie Love.png >= 50, visit the police station

Mike comes in to take responsibility for the proposal he made

Oral attention

Prerequisites: done Behind bars >= 1 day ago, Kylie Love.png >= 50 & Sub.png >= 40, Sunday, 10:00 - 18:00

Mike visits Kylie a third time to fulfill his carnal desire.

Bree MC events

Bree’s introduction to Kylie

Prerequisites: University, > 7 days played, Mike Love.png >= 28

Bree sees Mike chatting with Kylie. Kylie gets jealous and rude. Bree has the option of putting Kylie in her place, but it generates Yandere.png.

Sex events

Hot tub Sex

Prerequisites: Home Date, Kylie Love.png>=50, Sex with Kylie at least once, Hot tub repaired

During at Date at home click the "Dip in the hot tub" button when all the requirements are met.

Time schedule

The following table shows at which time you can meet Kylie in various locations.

Warning: The table is only valid if you turn randomness off.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 03:00 sleep 00:00 03:00 sleep 00:00 03:00 sleep 00:00 03:00 sleep 00:00 03:00 sleep 00:00 03:00 sleep 00:00 03:00 sleep
04:00 05:00 front porch 04:00 05:00 front porch 04:00 05:00 front porch 04:00 05:00 front porch 04:00 05:00 front porch 04:00 05:00 front porch 04:00 05:00 front porch
06:00 09:00 sleep 06:00 09:00 sleep 06:00 09:00 sleep 06:00 09:00 sleep 06:00 09:00 sleep 06:00 09:00 sleep 06:00 10:00 sleep
10:00 17:00 university 10:00 17:00 university 10:00 17:00 university 10:00 17:00 university 10:00 17:00 university 10:00 11:00 gym 11:00 12:00 gym
18:00 clothesshop 18:00 clothesshop 18:00 clothesshop 18:00 clothesshop 18:00 clothesshop 12:00 14:00 clothesshop 13:00 14:00 park
19:00 gym 19:00 gym 19:00 gym 19:00 gym 19:00 gym 15:00 16:00 waterpark spring/summer 15:00 16:00 waterpark spring/summer
20:00 sexshop 20:00 sexshop 20:00 sexshop 20:00 sexshop 20:00 sexshop 15:00 16:00 clothesshop fall/winter 15:00 16:00 gym fall/winter
17:00 18:00 park 17:00 18:00 gym
19:00 23:00 pub