Electronics Harem

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Talk to Shawn at the pub

Prerequisites: Amy >=60; Go to pub between 22:00 and 04:00 while Amy is not there

Shawn is drunk and rambling...

Grow a pair Keep the conversation End Goth Harem
Keep talking about Amy Be reasonable End Goth Harem
Keep up the pace Start Electronics Harem
Who need balls anyway End Goth Harem

Outcome: Provided you make the proper choice, "Talk to Amy" appears in your tracker

Discuss the video with Amy

Prerequisites: Completed Talk to Shawn at the pub; Interact with Amy

Run the idea by Amy

Outcome: "Go to the Electronics store on a Sunday" appears in your tracker

Give Shawn the memory card

Prerequisites: Completed Discuss the video with Amy at the pub; Sunday; Electronics Store

Deliver the memory card to Shawn on Sunday when Amy has the day off.

Shawn rewards you with either a Zbox or a small store discount (15% off regular price).

Outcome: "Talk to Amy" appears in your tracker

Report back to Amy

Prerequisites: Amy >=65; Amy >=20; >=7 day since completed Give Shawn the memory card; Interact, then talk with Amy

Amy tells MC that life with Shawn has mellowed out, and Shawns B-Day is coming up. Since you know him better, she asks what she should get him. If you suggest a safe gift, the Electronics Harem ends.

Outcome:Depending on your response, the Electronics Harem either ends or continues

Fun Times

Prerequisites: Amy >=70; Amy >=50; >=1 day since completed Report back to Amy; Pub between 19:00 and 21:00, any day except Sunday

Go to the pub in the evening between 19:00 and 21:00.

If you try to move things along by shaming Shawn, he storms off, which ends both Electronics Harem and Goth harem

Outcome: Providing that you motivate Shawn, the Electronics Harem continues

Shawn suggests an idea

Prerequisites: Completed Fun Times; Completed Mike meets Palla’s mystery man; Be at the pub between 19:00 and 23:00

Shawn wants to float an idea past you...

Let me think about it... Progresses Electronics Harem
Absolutely not, you greedy little man! Ends Electronics Harem

Outcome: If progressing, Electronics Harem is completed, Electronic Harem + Palla appears on the tracker

Talk to Palla

Prerequisites: Completed Shawn suggests an idea; Talk menu option for Palla

Interact with Palla, the click on the talk icon, and an icon "Foursome with Shawn" will appear on her menu.

Outcome: Palla surprises you

Get Amy on board

Prerequisites: Completed Talk to Palla

Interact with Amy, the click on the talk icon, and an icon "Foursome with Shawn" will appear on her menu.

Outcome: Amy agrees, but the tracker says That's all of Amy's story for now