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Bree can introduce Reona at the university once Mike MC has 50 with Bree.

Slutty Path

Meeting Reona

Prerequisites: University, Bree 50

Reona will bump into Mike and they will meet each other. Bree will be jealous.

University Results

Prerequisites: University, >= 10, Mike 50

Mike is checking his university exam results and bumps into Reona. She asks Mike to be her tutor and he can either refuse, meaning he'll never see her again, or he can accept to help her study. If Mike accepts, she'll leave but not before confirming that she'll call him to set up a study session.

Outcome: Reona max set to 10.

Sex Shop Loyalist

Prerequisites: >= 20, Sex shop, Reona 10

Mike is in the sex shop browsing the wares on offer when he notices Reona is doing the same thing. She helps him out with choosing various sex toys and even gives him a lecture on who uses them! When she sees Mike has a loyalty card at the sex shop (what the fuck?), she beckons him into the back room for some "oral validation". Mike either tells her that he's in a hurry, or he can accept the oral validation. Reona will give Mike a rather intense blowjob and by the time he warns Reona that he's about to cum, he can ask her to swallow or ask her to take it on her face. Afterwards, she gives him what he bought and then he leaves.

Outcome: Reona max set to 20.

Reona's Exam Celebration

Prerequisites: >= 30, Bedroom, Help Reona study 5 times, Reona 30

To help Reona study, you must take her on a date to your home.

Mike is studying in his bedroom when he gets a phone call from Reona. When he accepts, she tells him that she passed her exam. She thanks him for his help and changes the subject, inviting him out to celebrate. Mike will either tell her that tonight isn't the night to go out, or he can agree that they should celebrate! After Mike accepts, he heads out and hurries over to the nightclub where Reona waits for him. They begin dancing together, it becomes more sexual. Almost grinding one another. Mike is about to cum when Reona suddenly pulls him into the bathrooms and into a cubicle where she assumes position.

Outcome: Reona max set to 40.

Reona's Blessing

Prerequisites: >= 40, Reona 40

Reona asks Mike if he's sleeping around with other girls. Mike begins to freak out about this question but to his surprise, she's okay with it. "If not, why not?" Mike gives his roommates as examples of potential bedding partners to which Reona responds by doubling down on her liberating spirit and her wish to see Mike fuck other women.

Outcome: Reona max set to 50.

Pub Relaxation

Prerequisites: >= 40, Reona 40

Mike is relaxing in the pub after his efforts at the university. He relaxes so much that he needs to piss, so he goes to the bathroom and as he's relieving himself, he hears someone having sex in the cubicles. Mike then exits the bathroom after he's done. Did he even wash his hands? Ew. Out comes a random guy, then follows Reona. It's obvious what happened as she still has cum on her lips! Mike either confronts her or avoids her. Avoiding her results in Mike not approving of an open relationship. Confronting her will result in a -5 loss and +5 gain.

Outcome: Depending on choice, -5 , +5 .

The Talk

Prerequisites: >= 50, Reona 50

Regardless of the choice made when Mike finds out Reona's sleeping with men behind his back, they'll have a conversation about it. Mike is internalising a really complicated situation in his head. It turns out that the problem was that they hadn't made the decision to have an open relationship together. Mike has four choices here; disallow Reona sleeping with men while he himself sleeps with other women, let things continue as they have been, have an open relationship, or have an exclusive relationship.

Outcome: Determinant, Reona max set to 60.

Purity Path

Not yet written.

Time Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 Nightclub 00:00 Sleep 00:00 Nightclub 00:00 Nightclub 00:00 Nightclub 00:00 Nightclub 00:00 Nightclub
02:00 VIP (Nightclub) 10:00 Classroom (University) 02:00 VIP (Nightclub) 02:00 Sleep 02:00 Sleep 02:00 VIP (Nightclub) 02:00 VIP (Nightclub)
04:00 Nightclub 11:00 University 04:00 Nightclub 10:00 Classroom (University) 10:00 Classroom (University) 04:00 Bathroom (Nightclub) 04:00 Bathroom (Nightclub)
06:00 Sleep 12:00 Sleep 05:00 Sleep 11:00 University 11:00 University 05:00 Sleep 05:00 Sleep
12:00 Jewellery Store 13:00 Mall 1 (Groundfloor?) / Mall 2 (First floor?) 10:00 Classroom (University) 12:00 Sleep 12:00 Sleep 10:00 Coffee Shop 10:00 Coffee Shop
13:00 Bakery 14:00 Gym 11:00 University 13:00 Mall 1 (Groundfloor?) / Mall 2 (First floor?) 13:00 Mall 1 (Groundfloor?) / Mall 2 (First floor?) 12:00 Mall 1 (Groundfloor?) / Mall 2 (First floor?) 12:00 Flower Shop
14:00 Gym 15:00 University 12:00 Sleep 14:00 Gym 14:00 Gym 14:00 Park/Waterpark/Beach 14:00 Park/Waterpark/Beach
16:00 Clothes Shop 16:00 Classroom (University) 13:00 Mall 1 (Groundfloor?) / Mall 2 (First floor?) 15:00 University 15:00 University 16:00 Clothes Shop 16:00 Sleep
18:00 Park/Waterpark/Beach 17:00 Sleep 14:00 Gym 16:00 Classroom (University) 16:00 Classroom (University) 17:00 Drug Store 20:00 Sex Shop
20:00 Sleep 20:00 Sex Shop 15:00 University 17:00 Sleep 17:00 Jewellery Store 18:00 Jewellery Store/Book Store 22:00 Nightclub
22:00 Alley 16:00 Classroom (University) 20:00 Sex Shop 19:00 Cinema 19:00 Street
23:00 Nightclub 17:00 Jewellery Store 22:00 Alley 21:00 Pub 20:00 Strip Club
19:00 Street 23:00 Nightclub 23:00 Nightclub 22:00 Nightclub
20:00 Sex Shop
22:00 Alley
23:00 Nightclub