Sporty Harem

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Story Events

Swimsuit Contest

Prerequisites: Hanna's Love.png >=60, Ayesha's Love.png >=60, Mike takes Hanna on a date at the mall, Ayesha is at the mall

Hanna challenges Ayesha for a swimsuit contest.

(This event doesn't establish the Harem)

Ayesha & Hanna Showdown

Prerequisites: Had sex with Hanna and Ayesha at least 3 times, Hanna, Ayesha and Mike are at the gym, had sex with Hanna and Ayesha in the timespan of one week

Harem Criteria
Love.png Gp.png
Hanna >=65 >=45
Ayesha >=65 >=45

Outcome: If Mike meets the criteria listed above the Sporty Harem will be formed. If one of the girls doesn't meet the criteria the girl will leave the game. If both don't meet the criteria both will leave the game!

Private class with Hanna or Ayesha (or both?)

Prerequisites: Ayesha & Hanna Showdown done at least 1 day ago, Hanna, Ayesha and Mike are at the gym

Hanna and Ayesha want Mike to join their private classes.