Sporty Harem

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The Sporty Harem was added with version 22.9.0 of the game.

The harem is formed by Hanna and Ayesha and has the following conditions you have to meet before you can successfully form the harem:

Additional Information
Hanna >=80 >=45 had sex with both of them at least 3 times
Ayesha >=80 >=45

Harem events

Ayesha & Hanna Showdown

Prerequisites: Hanna & Ayesha are at the gym, had sex with both of them within 7 days

Outcome: If Mike meets the criteria in the table above, they will either join the harem or leave the game.

Swimsuit Contest

Prerequisites: done Ayesha & Hanna Showdown, Hanna's >=60, Ayesha's >=60, mall date with Hanna, Ayesha is at the mall

Hanna challenges Ayesha for a swimsuit contest.

Private class with Hanna or Ayesha (or both?)

Prerequisites: done Ayesha & Hanna Showdown >= 1 day ago, Hanna & Ayesha are at the gym

Hanna and Ayesha want Mike to join their private classes.

Sporty Harem Ending

Prerequisites: Both characters =100, propose to both girls

Achieve the Sporty Harem ending.