Fashion Harem

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The Fashion Harem was added with version 22.4.0 of the game.

The Fashion harem contains of Sasha and Palla. The first event of the harem is part of the popularity poll in which the Patreon supporters could vote for their favorite girl.


Only One Queen

Prerequisites: done meet Palla in the clothes-store, be at home, Sasha's >= 25, Sasha is in the clothes-store, Didn't cheat on Sasha, Palla & Sasha are available, not on a date, had sex with them within a 7 days time frame

While Mike is browsing through some ratings for the clothes-store Sasha works in he can decide to either visit her, praise her at home or do nothing.

If Mike does not visit her the event ends here.

If Mike decides to visit Sasha he will hear a some strange noises from the staff only are of the clothes-store.

  • If Mikes does not Investigate the event will end here
  • If Mike Investigates and his is < 50 or he does not have the sneaky skill the event ends without a scene
  • If Mike passes the check, he will see Sasha working hard for customer satisfaction

After a successful sneak attempt Mike has to decide if he wants to only watch the scene in front of him or if he wants to try and convince them to let him participate.

  • If Mike's is < 60 he will be sent away
  • If Mike passes the charm check he will partake in the customer satisfaction process

Outcome: Sasha and Palla will both gain +2 , +2 and + 10