Pixie Harem

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Pixie Harem is a story line that you can follow after you finished the following events for Kleio and Morgan


This is relevant, because Kleio will talk with you, about a bad breakup she had with her girlfriend that cheated on her. Morgan on the other hand will tell Mike about the first time you met her at the cinema. She will tell him how she cheated on her girlfriend with the girl Mike saw her at the cinema with.

Story Events

An unexpected Encounter

Prerequisites: Hang with Kleio at the mall (Kleio) and Cinema date (Morgan) done, Morgan, Kleio and Mike are at the pub (also triggers if Mike is on a date with Morgan or Kleio at the pub if the other girl is present!)

During this event Mike learns that Morgan and Kleio were together. Here Mike can choose to take either the side of Morgan, Kleio or he can choose to take neither Morgan's or Kleio's side.

Dialogue option Prerequisites Outcome
Take Morgan's side Morgan >= Kleio Kleio -=10
Takes Kleio's side Kleio >= Morgan Morgan -=10
Don't pick a side Mike's >= 50 Kleio -=2.5, Morgan -=2.5

Talk with Kleio and Morgan

Prerequisites: An unexpected Encounter done, interact with the girls and choose "About Morgan"/"About Kleio", Mike's >= 50, current girl's >= 50 (depending on the girl you're currently talking to)

Mike talks to Kleio and Morgan (not at the same time) about their relationship.

Note: If you talked to the second girl (order doesn't matter) and all three of you are at the pub the Confrontation event will automatically trigger! (So make sure to check the Criteria of the next event!


Prerequisites: Done Talk with Kleio and Morgan, Mike had sex with Kleio and Morgan at least once, Mike, Morgan and Kleio are at the pub (also triggers if Mike is on a date with Morgan or Kleio at the pub if the other girl is present!)

Morgan and Kleio confront Mike at the pub.

Kleio >=63 >=45 >=25
Morgan >=63 >=45 >=25


  • If you don't meet the requirements in the table you have to choose one of them, the other one will leave the game permanently.
  • If you meet the requirements it will automatically lead to both of them accepting to share Mike.


Prerequisites: Done Confrontation, Kleio >= 50, Morgan >= 50, offer both of them a drink at the pub 2 times on the same evening (advance the time in between)

Mike has a few drinks with Morgan and Kleio, when you end the interaction for the last drink, the event will trigger.

Repeat the Threesome

Prerequisites: Done Threesome, Kleio >= 50, Morgan >= 50, all three of you are at the pub, interact with either Morgan or Kleio and choose "Fuck Morgan and Kleio"

(Note: If you played the Threesome event before version 22.9.0 you have to replay it again for the "Fuck Morgan and Kleio" option to show up!)

Threesome #2

Prerequisites: Done Repeat the Threesome, all three of you are at the pub

Morgan and Kleio propose another Threesome. Mike can accept if his sexperience is >= 20.