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You have two kinds of statistics: Needs and Attributes. There are a number of romance options they can interact with. They have three primary statistics: Love Points (), Kink Points (), and Girl Points (). Certain other romance options have additional statistics as noted in their sections.

In Love and Sex, you take actions to do things or move around the game. Actions may cost you time and/or attributes. You can see what the action will cost you by hovering over the icon. Many actions have additional requirements, such as specific needs or attributes or characters in the room, or certain seasons.

You can play either as a male character (Mike) or female character (Bree). Note that Mike has significantly more content in the game at this time.


You have 4 needs: Energy (), Hunger (), Grooming () and Fun ().

is refilled by sleeping (my bedroom, faster with the luxury bed bought at the mall), or by either:

  • Drinking a coffee from kitchen (free action) +2 , once per day
  • Taking a break (office, free action, only after a Work/Work Hard) +1 +1 , chat with a random girl in office, once per day
  • Drinking an energy drink bought from bakery (25, consumable) +1 in both normal and difficult mode, once per day
  • Drinking a Coffee/Cappuccino/Moka bought from coffee shop (25/50/100 , consumable) +1/+2/+3 in both normal and difficult mode, once per day
  • Drinking a coffee from maid cafe (25, need 1 hour) +2 , once per day

is filled by either have a meal (kitchen), eat a hotdog (mall & office, 5 ), eat a hamburger (pub, 25 ) or eating a pastry (bakery, 25 , consumable).

can be refilled by taking a shower in the bathroom (at lower level of love points your housemates will not allow you in the bathroom alongside with them) or eating a mint candy (bakery, 25 , consumable)

Fun can be refilled by watching TV (living room), playing video games (after buying or being gifted the Z-box), play a game (arcade, 1 ), take a break (office), reading the fun book (bookstore, 25 ), watching a movie (movie theater, 10 ), masturbate (living room, free action, requires under yellow fun) and complimenting/kissing the romance options. Sending texts to all the characters in your contacts is a good way to increase and love points at the same time.

If one of your needs is below 5 it will block a small amount of actions, if your needs are in yellow (3 or below) they will block most of your actions, if your needs are in red (0) they will block almost everything except the most basic of actions (sleeping, eating and solving whatever need is in red)


Knowledge increases your cap (max 15) , the amount of money you get from working in the office, the amount of topics you get to talk about (you start with 2 and you get a new one every 10 levels) and is a prerequisite for options in events. You can increase knowledge by: thinking hard (park, only when all your needs are above 5, 50% chance), reading a knowledge book* (book store, 100 , free action), study (university, 2h, 25 ), and buying the knowledge machine (mall, 600 , not guaranteed every night) also increased by wearing certain clothes.

*currently not working as intended, the book is intended to pass time by the amount specified when purchasing the book.

Fitness increases your cap (max 15) and is a prerequisite for options in events. you can increase fitness by: do push-ups (your bedroom, only when all your needs are above 5, 50% chance), swim (pool, only spring and summer months, requires bathing suit), go for a run (park, requires sport clothes), light training (gym, requires sport clothes), heavy training (gym, requires sport clothes) and buying the fitness machine (mall, 600 , not guaranteed every night) also increased by wearing certain clothes.

Charm increases your cap (max 15) and decreases the chance of giving a bad compliment and is a prerequisite for options in events. You can increase charm by: practice speech (bathroom, only when all your needs are above 5, 50% chance), sunbath (pool, only spring and summer months), get a haircut (mall, 50 ), party (nightclub (15 ), 50 ), reading the charm book (bookstore, 100 ), after buying the hot tub (5000 ) and buying the charm machine (mall, 600 , not guaranteed every night) also increased by wearing certain clothes.

Morality is a Bree MC specific trait that describes how good or bad your character is. This controls what actions might be available with certain other characters, positive points will be called morality and negative points immorality.

Your starting attributes are also raised by your choices in the prologue.


These there are the skills which currently matter in game-play. All skills are picked at the start of the game skills, but some skills can be learned as the game progresses. Initial skill choice is detailed in the Walkthrough section.

Good Skills


  • Martial arts: need less fitness to win a fight, earnable on the beach
  • Golf: No current effect
  • Cooking: desire gain from eating with Sasha and Bree in the morning (this skill is earnable in-game) and can affect dialogue with some characters.
  • Dancing: Has minimal effect on current story. (Can be earned in game from Palla)
  • Shooting: Has some effect on Aletta’s story.
  • Kart racing: No current effect (learned by going to the karting track)
  • Discreet: Reduces the chances of being caught peeking on your roommates.


  • Video games: need less knowledge to win the videogame event. Can beat Bree while gaming in the living room (+1kp)
  • Guitar: prerequisite for the band storyline. Can be learned from a book in the book shop.
  • Workaholic: 2x work progress bar


  • Iron stomach: Reduces Hunger drain by 25%
  • Night owl: need 1 hour less sleep
  • Hung: get +1 if romance options happen to encounter the trouser python (+1 if you're in the bathroom with Sasha or Bree, first asking you to leave counts), higher chance to impregnate a girl when you cum inside her if she has pregnancy content
  • Luck: Starting money boost. Better odds on the bar lottery. Can be earned by getting Lavish's lucky panties or finding a 4 leaf clover, however the clover only gives luck for one day
  • Shibari: Allows bondage during some after date scenes
  • S&M: Allows SM during some after date scenes
  • Massage: Can give Sasha foot massages. Learned from book from book shop.
  • Foodie: Increase hunger cap to 15

Skills also influence Daily Passive Love (more on that under 1.5)

Bad Skills

  • Debt: lose 100 each week before paying rent
  • Unlucky: worse odds in the bar lottery
  • Animals Hate Me: Animal attacks are more likely (shark will attack if you swim at the beach, bear will attack if you hike in the forest, dog will attack you when walking the street)
  • Small Dick: Pregnancy chance is reduced to 10%. Influences daily passive love for some girls, art might change in some sex scenes.


The Office

For Mike, the only way to reliably get money is to work at the office (you can also roam the streets for a random event or play vidya but you won't get far that way). Either work or work hard (both 4 hours), work hard gets you more money and costs more but is only available if all your needs are above 5, work is available if your needs are above 3. You also have random events while working that can change how much money you get.

Work is only available in day hours and from Monday to Saturday, this is important because of the next point important! Every Monday morning 100 (50 on easy, 200 on hard) will be required to pay the rent, if you can't do this then you'll take a massive relationship hit with your roommates.

At the office you have a promotion bar. When this reaches 100%, you will receive a promotion. This includes a new office and a salary increase. The more promotions you get, the more your salary increases. Promotions will also unlock new content.

The office salary is based on the number of promotions, charm and knowledge. Raising all of these attributes will raise Mike’s salary.


- Work normally: +5% promotion progress.

- Slack off: +5% promotion progress and + 2 fun. There is a chance be caught by Aletta and -1% progress (chance reduced by , 0% at 101 ).

Work hard (+50% money)

- Work normally: +10% promotion progress.

- Work fast: +15% promotion progress. There is a chance be caught by Aletta and get no progress (chance reduced by , 0% at 100 ).

Mall Jobs

For Bree, or for Mike if he loses or quits his office job, the alternative are mall jobs. Mall jobs pay much less than the office job and are not very fulfilling, but they will do the trick.

  • Bakery: This job pays based upon your .
  • Electronic Shop: This job pays based upon your .
  • Gym: This job pays based upon your .
  • Bookstore: This job pays based upon your , and pays twice the amount as the Bakery.
  • Sex Shop: This job pays based upon your , and pays twice the amount as the Bakery.

Jobs for BreeMC

Job Title Requirement Where To Go
Church 90 Church
Homeless Shelter 70 Dark Alley
Bookstore 50 Book Store in Mall
Flower Shop 30 Flower Shop in Mall
Electronic Shop 10 Electronic Shop in Mall
Bakery Neutral Bakery in Mall
Clothes Shop Clothes Shop in Mall
Coffee Shop Coffee Shop in Mall
Gym Gym
Jewellery Store Jewellery Shop in Mall
Pub 10 Pub
Nightclub 20 Nightclub
Maid Cafe 30 Maid Cafe
Sex Shop 40 Sex Shop
Stripper 50 Strip Club
Model 60 Photo Studio
Camgirl 70 Bree's Bedroom
Pornstar 80 Photo Studio
Prostitute 90 Dark Alley

Note that the Photo Studio is only available at 60


You can purchase items at various shops. There are four types of items you can buy:

  • Gifts: Gifts are items that are specifically to be given to the romance characters. They can be flowers, candies, books, clothing and certain sex shop items such as the slave collar.
  • Consumables: Consumables are items that you buy and use. They include items such as cakes, mint candies, medicine and condoms.
  • Clothing: Clothing are items that you can equip for some effect. You have two slots to equip: A main clothing and an accessory. Each item in the clothes shop describes what it affects.
  • Plot items: Other items exist for plot purposes, and cannot be used explicitly but may be needed to make some scenes available. Examples of this are the bicycle or car, which unlocks the beach. Note that plot items can also be clothing, such as the sport clothes and fancy clothes needed to unlock the gym and nightclub, respectively.


Each week you're supposed to do certain chores as part of the household. There will be a bar that fills up to 100% while you are in the house. When you have filled this bar it will go away.

These are best left until Sunday as you don't have that much to do during that day.

If you don't do the minimum of 4 chores then you'll lose 10 with both Bree (or Mike if Bree MC) and Sasha.

Doing unfinished chores even after your chore meter is maxed out will gain extra with your roommates.

For 100 /week you can hire a cleaning service and not have to do chores.

Getting Sick

You have a small chance of getting sick every day.

If you get sick, other characters will comment on it, but it otherwise has minimal effect on the game. If you buy medicine in the mall, using it will immediately remove the effect.


If Mike MC has sex with a girl and cums inside her, there is a certain chance she will become pregnant. The pregnancy system changed with version 22.2.0. The chance of pregnancy now depends on the general fertility of the girl, the day her fertility cycle and the size of Mike MC's dick.


There is a 28 day fertility cycle for each girl during which they can get pregnant.

During this time there is a 13 Days time window in which there is a chance for the girls to become pregnant. In order to see the Pregnancy chance for each girl you have to learn the new skill "Fertility Assessment". It can be learned through a book from the book shop.

Also, each girl has one of 3 fertility traits which change the chance of them getting pregnant.

Base pregnancy chance
Fertil Day infertile normal fertile Fertil Day infertile normal fertile
Day 1 3% 7% 10% Day 8 21% 42% 63%
Day 2 7% 14% 21% Day 9 17% 35% 52%
Day 3 10% 21% 31% Day 10 14% 28% 42%
Day 4 14% 28% 42% Day 11 10% 21% 31%
Day 5 17% 35% 52% Day 12 7% 14% 21%
Day 6 21% 42% 63% Day 13 3% 7% 10%
Day 7 25% 50% 75%


Additionally, to the girl's fertility trait, Mike MC's potency depends on his dick size (hung/normal/small dick), which will increase or decrease the pregnancy chance.

The dick size can be chosen during the introductory questions. It can also be changed with the respective pills from the drug store.

Base pregnancy chance + Hero potency trait
Fertil Day infertile Fertil Day normal Fertil Day fertile
small normal hung small normal hung small normal hung
Day 1 1% 3% 4% Day 1 4% 7% 11% Day 1 5% 10% 15%
Day 2 3% 7% 10% Day 2 7% 14% 21% Day 2 11% 21% 32%
Day 3 5% 10% 15% Day 3 11% 21% 32% Day 3 16% 31% 47%
Day 4 7% 14% 21% Day 4 14% 28% 42% Day 4 21% 42% 63%
Day 5 8% 17% 25% Day 5 18% 35% 53% Day 5 26% 52% 78%
Day 6 10% 21% 31% Day 6 21% 42% 63% Day 6 32% 63% 95%
Day 7 12% 25% 37% Day 7 25% 50% 75% Day 7 38% 75% 113%
Day 8 10% 21% 31% Day 8 21% 42% 63% Day 8 32% 63% 95%
Day 9 8% 17% 25% Day 9 18% 35% 53% Day 9 26% 52% 78%
Day 10 7% 14% 21% Day 10 14% 28% 42% Day 10 21% 42% 63%
Day 11 5% 10% 15% Day 11 11% 21% 32% Day 11 16% 31% 47%
Day 12 3% 7% 10% Day 12 7% 14% 21% Day 12 11% 21% 32%
Day 13 1% 3% 4% Day 13 4% 7% 11% Day 13 5% 10% 15%

Birth control

In order to avoid pregnancy, Mike MC can use a condom. Condoms can be bought at the drug store or the sex shop. Some girls will insist on using protection, unless their is high enough.

Any girl that has >= 50 can be commanded to go on (or off) the pill. Some girls, such as Lexi and Palla start out on the pill, but most do not. A girl who is on the pill cannot get pregnant.

Besides the after-date scenes, there are also a couple of sexual encounters during the girls' story events. In most, they cannot get pregnant. This is a game design decision, so that the player does not impregnate a girl during a sex scene over which they have no control. The hung trait does not change the outcome! In some events, the player can choose whether to use a condom or not. A few events do not present that option. For these, the only sure way to prevent a pregnancy is if the girl is on the pill.

During a home date, Mike MC can have sex with a girl in the hot tub (after it has been repaired for 5000 ). If Mike MC does not pull out, the girl can get pregnant during this event.

No pregnancy risk Condom optional Pregnancy risk

(unless on the pill)

Bree Bowsette cosplay

Bree is bored

The one he likes

Living-room dominance

Shower sex
Kleio The car needs repairs Studio sex
Lexi Pool time fun

Lexi is dealing

Minami Practice sex
Samantha Birthday sex Cheating on Ryan

Marriage sucks

Revenge cowgirl sex
Sasha Birthday sex Shower sex
Shiori Second lap dance

Giving Birth

When a girl becomes pregnant, sometime in the next week she will have a special conversation with MC where she breaks the news. Some girls do not want children and will want an abortion. Some girls will want to keep it. If, at the end of the conversation, she decides or is coerced into keeping the child, after 9 full days her art will update to the pregnancy version. Not all girls currently support pregnancy.

As of version 22.2.0, the game now gives the player the option to choose between the old system where girls stay pregnant forever or the new system where they give birth.

  • The girls give birth 60 days after they become pregnant
  • If you don't marry the girl before she gives birth she will lose 25
  • You'll have to pay 100 in child support every week for every baby

New Game Plus

New Game Plus is unlocked when you marry a Love Interest without the use of cheats. You will also unlock the gallery the first time you marry a Love Interest without using cheats. Your stats (, , ), your money , and your traits will be carried over to each subsequent NG+.

There are certain traits that will not be carried over to NG+ and they are as follows:

  • High Libido
  • Low Libido
  • Big Dick
  • Small Dick
  • Hated by Animals