Criminal Harem

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The Criminal Harem consists of the policewoman Camila Foglio and one of the games less than law abiding citizens, Lexi.

If already involved with Lexi

To form the Criminal Harem, you need to have slept with both Lexi and Camila within 7 days of each other.

Go find Lexi to the police station

Prerequisites: Had sex with Camila

Lexi wants MC to bail her out.

Agree -1000
Refuse Lexi -25

Outcome: "Talk to Camila about Lexi bail" appears in tracker.

Talk to Camila about Lexi bail

Prerequisites: Completed Go find Lexi to the police station, interact with Camila.

If you choose to lie to Camila, she will lose 25

If you choose to tell her the truth, and don't have the following stats, she will leave the game permanently. Otherwise the criminal harem will be formed.

Camila >=75 >=45

Back alley Blowjob

Prerequisites: Completed Talk to Camila about Lexi bail. Camila is okay with Lexi.

Go on a date with Lexi to a nightclub.

Triggers if at nightclub between 2 and 4 am.

Outcome: Camila and Lexi give you a blowjob in the alleyway.

Go on a Date with Camilla and Lexi

Prerequisites: Completed Back alley Blowjob

Ask Camilla and Lexi for a date

For a successful outcome chose the following:

Let's grab a drink while we wait for her

Try a more subtle approach

Fun facts about 'Graxlax'

Find a diplomatic solution

Let's go somewhere else

Outcome: Camilla and Lexi come home for sex