Taming Harem

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The Taming Harem was added in version 20.10.1 . It's one of the hardest harems to unlock since you have to play in a certain way otherwise you will completely block off the harem.

The Taming Harem contains of Kylie and Ayesha and has the following conditions in order to unlock it:

* had sex
Kylie >=50 >=25 >=25
Ayesha >=50 <=75 -

IMPORTANT: There are two ways you can get Kylie to target a person.

  • Through the jealous event (choose 'I kinda like her' during the jealous event) when you talk to Ayesha!
  • If you kiss someone in front of Kylie the target flag will also change. So if you kiss Ayesha infront of Kylie she will be set as a target (Only if the dialogue about Kylie is being triggered!).

When you talk to any of the girls in front of Kylie, her stat will increase but if you form the taming harem it will decrease the stat if you talk to Ayesha in front of her.

Harem events

Initialize the harem

Prerequisites: fulfill the requirements above, both of them are in the gym, Kylie has Ayesha as a target

Kylie will go after Ayesha in the shower of the gym. Mike hears the fight and recognizes the voices of the girls fighting. He decides to intervene.

Restaurant date (repeatable)

Prerequisites: start the Taming harem, Kylie's & Ayesha's >= 35, both are in the same place, interact with one of them, 18:00 - 21:00, >= 200, have stamina (eggplant symbol)

If you play on a fixed schedule you can initiate this event when you talk to one of them in the Gym at 18:00 on a Wednesday and click on the icon that looks like the head of either Kylie or Ayesha.

The three of them will go on a restaurant date together. Mike hopes that this will improve the relationship between Kylie and Ayesha in order for them to get along. He is the last one to arrive at the restaurant and sees that both of them just sit there in silence. When Mike calls over a waitress to order drinks for them the waitress focuses only on Mike and ignores the two girls sitting at the same table as him.

Mike has multiple options on how to handle the situation:

Kylie Ayesha
Let Kylie rage at the waitress -4 +2 -
Let Ayesha put Kylie in her place +4 -8
Take control of the situation +4 +4

Finishing this event for the first time will automatically lead to the threesome. If you repeat this event you can either choose to go home (which leads to the threesome scene) or to go to the nightclub with them.

If you decide to go to the nightclub with them you need an additional amount of 200 . Everything is pretty uneventful until they enter the nightclub and Mike has to decide if he either goes and grabs a drink for Ayesha or goes onto the dance floor with Kylie.

Kylie Ayesha
Go to the bar - +1
Go to the dance floor +1 -

They start to dance and Mike realizes that they are both trying to get his attention and he has to decide on who of them he focuses.

Kylie Ayesha
Dance with Ayesha - +1
Dance with Kylie +1 -

As it gets late Mike has to decide if they should stay a bit longer or if they should call it a night.

Kylie Ayesha
Stay longer - -1
Call it a night -1 -

No matter wich of the above decisions you make they will come back home with Mike and the threesome scene will start.

Mike can decide during the threesome scene if he wants to go for another round with the girl he didn't pick first. The consequence for the girl you didn't please that night is shown in the table below.

Kylie Ayesha
Deny her tonight -2 +6 -5 +6

Aquarium Date

Prerequisites: Done the Restaurant date at least twice, Afternoon.

Interact with Ayesha or Kylie. They don't need to be in the same location.

Mike takes Ayesha and Kylie to the aquarium.

The aquarium date is a three-phase event beginning with the titular aquarium date. To get the best possible result from each phase, you will need to select specific dialogue choices.

Aquarium: 75+, then choose "explain yourself" -> "Shut up both of you" -> "A mermaid for both girls"

Restaurant: 75+, then "Order for everyone" -> "Deal with it" -> "Split the bill"

Beach: 75+, "shut up both of you" -> "play peacekeeper" -> "make a wish"

Home Date

Prerequisites: Did restaurant date 3 times, done aquarium date, Afternoon or evening

Interact with Ayesha or Kylie

Home Meeting

Prerequisites: Did restaurant date 4 times, done home date, Afternoon or evening

Interact with Ayesha or Kylie

Sex Events

These events require the restaurant date at least twice.

Repeatable Threesome

Ask either Ayesha or Kylie on a date.

Harem Blow Job

Prerequisites: Ayesha >=50, Kylie >50, hot coffee

Kylie Tied Up, Ayesha is not

Prerequisites: Shibari Skill, ropes in inventory, had a Threesome with Kylie and Ayesha. Choose "Use Ropes" while Ayesha is chosen.