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There are more than many romance options in the game, almost all girls, but Scottie can be romanced for Bree. 

This page explains your interactions with them. The dating mechanic is explained here.


There are 3 main attributes for each romance character: Love Points (Love.png), Kink Points (Sub.png/Dom.png), and Lesbian Points (Gp.png). Additionally, other characters have additional stats that are described in their own character pages as they offer unique mechanichs.

Each character also has their favourite talk topics, favourite gifts, favourite dates and/or television programs. Also each character has their own schedule so you'll have to adjust your schedule depending on what romance you're after.

Love Points Love.png

They represent how much a character likes you. Love Points tend to have a cap based upon events; once you reach that cap it will often enable the next event in their story chain. As of this time, many of the characters still have caps below 100, which indicates more story is planned for them in future versions of the game. When you reach 50% Love.png, the character will change pose. This can be used as a cue to strike.

In game, this value is represented in a 0-100 scale, and therefore, all the values in this wiki are shown in this same scale. However, internally, it is on a different scale, which means that even if an action/event increases the love points, it may not be reflected in a stat bar change. A notification that Love.png was gained will still appear.

There are multiple ways of increasing (or decreasing) a character's love towards the main character.

Love.png can be gained and lost through interactions with the characters, sending them texts.

Story events

During story events, the character's love may increase or decrease, sometimes in an unavoidable manner, and other times based on your selections.

Story events are also the only current way of increasing the Love Points cap.

Daily passive Love (DPL)

The first time you met a character every day, the character's Love.png will be modified based on their likes and yourself.

  • When a character likes an attribute, love is incresed if your attribute current value is higher than the character's love.
  • When a character has a trait, love is increased if you are wearing clothes that match that trait. See clothing for details on which cloth matches which trait.
  • When a character likes/dislikes a skill, love is increased/decreased if you have that skill.


You can tickle each character once per day. Depending on the character traits, Love.png can be increased or decreased. Their effect stacks, so having a multiple of this trais needs to be considered.

  • Playful: +0.5% Love.png
  • Dominat: -0.5% Love.png
  • Princess: -0.5% Love.png


You can talk with each character several times a day, but you can only talk about the same topic with that character once per day. Conversations for each topic vary for every character, and may also depend on the hero or the character stat values, or even randomness. Below you can find a table with the different characters and talk topics as a general guide.


Giving gifts to a character will increase (or decrease) their love towards you. The exact amount depends on several factors:

  • The gift base effect: usually more expensive gifts provide a higher love boost, but this is not always the case. See items for the base effect of each gift.
  • The gift favored traits: each gives have some favored/unfavored traits, and if the character has that trait, the love gain will be increased/decreased.
  • The girls likes/dislikes: girls may like or dislike certain gifts, or even certain gifts categories (such as jewelry or books) impacting the love gain. A girl that dislikes an item or its category will never increase their love, they may stay the same or decrease it.
  • If the gift is given in the character's birthday, the gain (which may also be negative) will be scaled up by 50%.
  • Love gain is reduced by 0.5% Love.png for each time you gifted the same item to that character in the previous 7 days.


Each character reacts different when you try to kiss them. Some require a certain event to have happened before allowing it, others require a certain amount of Love.png, which may also be modified by Charm.png. As a general rule, a first kiss will grant +2.5% Love.png while any other kiss will grant +1% Love.png.


Once per day you have the option to compliment a character. There are three possible outcomes depending on your Charm.png and randomness:

  • Success (50%): +1% Love.png
  • Neutral (30%): no change.
  • Fail (20%): -0.5% Love.png

Each Charm.png point will increase the success probability by 1%, reducing first the fail probability until 20 Charm.png and then the neutral probability until 50 Charm.png.


When you end a date with a character, additionally to whatever love increase you achieved during the date, their love will also increase. The ammount is determined by the date location, and whether the character likes or dislikes that location.

  • 0% Love.png: Home, Mall.
  • 0.5% Love.png: Cinema.
  • 1% Love.png: Club, Restaurant, Nightclub, Park, Waterpark.
  • 1.5% Love.png: Beach.

If the character likes/dislikes that date location, the love increase will be scaled up/down by 50%.


Once you get a character's number, and if she is not present in the same room, you can send them a text message. At 15 Charm.png, sexy messages are unlocked and at 30 Charm.png, dirty text messages are unlocked.

Be careful not to write text messages to characters that are sleeping, or instead you will get -1% Love.png.

Kink Points

If Kink Points are positive, it is a measure of how submissive they are, and the icon is a pair of handcuffs (Sub.png). If Kink Points go negative, it is a measure of how dominant they are and the icon is a whip (Dom.png). Only certain characters can go into Dom Points (currently Sasha, Aletta and Cassidy), and this opens up alternative scenes with them.

Kink Points can be raised by giving them “A sex slave’s story” book purchased in the bookstore, or lowered by giving “Mistress Amanda”.

Additionally, the sexy dress, slutty dress, and sexy swimwear can be gifted to each person once for a large Sub.png bonus (do keep in mind that some of these gifts require a certain Sub.png value to be accepted).

It can also be raised by spanking, but only once they have reached 10 Sub.png, and cannot be raised past 50 (Some characters like Lexi don't require the 10 Sub.png). Watching S&M Porn with characters at home (for characters who do not live at home this can be done on home dates) will raise Sub.png as well.

Raising Kink Points will open new options, such as piercing, collaring, agreeing to have unprotected sex.

Lesbian Points Gp.png

Lesbian points are a measure of how likely it is that a girl will agree to romantic content depending on the sex of the participants.

  • If a girl is over 90% Gp.png, she won’t date Mike.
  • If a girl is over 80% Gp.png, she won’t kiss Mike.
  • If a girl is over 60% Gp.png, she won’t have sex with Mike.
  • If a girl is under 40% Gp.png, she won’t have sex with Bree.
  • If a girl is under 20% Gp.png, she won’t kiss Bree.
  • If a girl is under 10% Gp.png, she won’t date Bree.

Additionally, scenes that include more than two characters may also be gated by Gp.png.

Gp.png can be modified by differect actions.


Complimenting a character, if successful, will modify Gp.png if it is preventing it to date that character.

  • Mike (Gp.png > 90%): -5% Gp.png
  • Bree (Gp.png < 10%): +5% Gp.png


  • Yuri Manga: +5% Gp.png
  • Porn magazine: -5% Gp.png


  • Lesbian porn: + Gp.png.


When you reach at least 20 Love.png with a romance option, you can then give them gifts. Most gifts will offer an Love.png boost, but some will open up story options. Some gifts can only ever be given once. Other gifts can be given multiple times, but their effects will be reduced in the future, such as the flowers and the candies. For some characters, the Sexy Underwear or Sexy Swimsuit will allow them to wear a sexier version of that outfit at appropriate times. For most characters, the slave collar will, given enough Sub.png, change the character to be your slave.

On Valentine's Day (most characters give just chocolates then, others will pick from their list), Christmas or the MC's birthday you'll receive a gift if you meet the character that day and have at least 20Love.png (birthday) or 25Love.png (Christmas and Valentine’s)

Each character has a specific list of items to give and if you already have that item they'll skip to the next one, if they run out they'll give you a cake. 


Each character has inherent traits which influences which actions they will like on dates, these dates will be discoverable when you get enough Love.png. They'll also influence how much Love.png you'll gain from the clothes you wear. Certain characters also have anti-traits, meaning if you do an action marked with that trait they may lose Love.png.

The following chart briefly shows where various traits are used. For the events the trait typically offers unique dialogue or choices specific to that trait with opportunity for Love.png gain or loss depending on player choice.

Trait Events
Dominant high class restaurant: pay, pub: random event, nightclub: random event
Submissive high class restaurant: pay, order for her, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Princess beach: suntan, high class restaurant: pay, waterpark: spa, pub: random event, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Family pub: random event, park: random event
Bitchy pub: random event, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Playful beach: build castle, play volleyball, play in the water, home: play console, play a board game, mall: arcade, waterpark: waterslide, pub: play pool, play darts, park: make a snowman, snowball fight, random event, nightclub: random event
Flirty park: random event, nightclub: random event
Rebel cinema: sneak in, mall: steal, pub: buy a round, random event, park: random event
Bookworm pub: random event, park: read poetry, random event, nightclub: random event
Geek home: play console, play a board game, mall: arcade, pub: random event, park: random event
Sportsy beach: play volleyball, swimming race, waterpark: swimming race, pub: random event, park: go for a run, random event, nightclub: random event
Guitar home: play guitar, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Gourmand beach: eat icecream, cinema: buy popcorn, mall: bakery, waterpark: eat icecream, pub: eat a burger, random event, park: picnic, random event
Yandere pub: random event, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Innocent pub: random event, park: random event
Workaholic pub: random event, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Slutty cinema: practical anatomy lessons, home: watch porn, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Dumb pub: random event, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Trashy pub: random event, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Poor high class restaurant: pay, mall: steal, pub: random event, park: random event, nightclub: random event
Lazy nightclub: random event

Talk Topics

When talking to a romanceable character, one of the options is “Talk”, allowing you to pick from a list of topics to talk about. Each of the characters has different topics that they prefer to talk about. Some characters will respond well to one topic and others will respond poorly to the same topic. Some topics will only be good to use when certain conditions are met, such as the character’s Love.png or skills that Mike has acquired.

It is important to remember that even “safe” topics can still have choices that negatively impact your relationship with a character.

The charts below are a matrix that shows each romanceable character in the game and the different talk topics available. ✅ denotes “safe” topics that are largely good ways to increase your relationship with the character. ❌ denotes unsafe topics that will harm your relationship with the character. Blank cells are neutral topics that won’t have an effect one way or the other.

Topic Bree Mike Sasha Samantha Aletta Anna Hanna Ayesha Audrey
Books ❌3



✅1 ✅1


  1. Requires Love.png > 60
  2. Most topics have a 50/50 ratio of good and bad answers
  3. Not a negative when pregnant
Topic Kleio Lexi Kylie Alexis Palla Shiori Cassidy Lavish Morgan Minami
Books ✅1 ❌❌ ✅3

Computers ❌❌


Food ✅2
Love ✅3 ✅3 ✅5


Politics ❌❌

Sex ✅1 ✅3 ✅4

TV ✅3

  1. Requires Charm.png > 25
  2. Requires Cooking skill
  3. Requires Love.png > 25
  4. Requires Love.png > 20
  5. Requires Love.png > 40
  6. Requires Love.png > 75

Morgan is a special case. Her reactions to different topic rely on her masculinity, Love.png, Sub.png and whether or not she’s pregnant. Good Luck.

Desire factors

All romanceable characters have desire factors, which influence the things they like and do not like. When desire factors are an attribute, you get daily love points for being high in that attribute. Other desire factors include good date locations and occasionally date activities.

They can also have not desire factors, being things they do not like. Dates in these locations or actions related to these factors will give lower Love.png, or even Love.png loss.


Both MCs have 2 roommates, one of which is always Sasha. Roommates have more options than other characters:

You can watch TV with the roommates regularly. Each roommate has his or her own chart for programs they like.

You can cook a meal for the roommates for easy Love.png, if you have the cooking skill.


The MC may purchase clothing in the clothes shop in the mall. The MC can wear one piece of clothing and one accessory. Most clothes add to traits, but some clothes unlock special locations. Some clothes also affect the DLove.png of dates, depending upon their traits. Depending on the traits of the characters, each piece of clothing and accessory you wear has a chance of adding 1 to your DPL, if multiple traits apply to the same girl then both will count(for example on Sasha the leather jacket has a 40% chance of gaining 1Love.png and 20% chance of 2 Love.png)

Some items are for Mike MC, while differently named variations with the same effects are for Bree.

Clothing that unlocks a location does not need to be worn, merely owned.

Clothing Item Cost Effect Traits Favored Unlocks
Leather jacket 100 Money.png
+5 Charm.png
Submissive, Rebel
Tweed blazer/Cardigan 100 Money.png
+5 Knowledge.png
Bookworm, Family
Sweat pants 100 Money.png
+5 Fitness.png
Sportsy, Dominant
Funny shirt 100 Money.png
+5 Charm.png
Geek, Playful
Military fatigues/Leather pants 100 Money.png
+5 Charm.png
Submissive, Gourmand
Swimsuit 200 Money.png
+10 Fitness.png
Sportsy Beach, playing in pool
Sport clothes 200 Money.png
+10 Fitness.png
Sportsy Gym
Fancy clothes/dress 200 Money.png
+10 Charm.png
Pacifist, Princess Nightclub, High class restaurant
Accessory Cost Effect Traits Favored
Sport shoes 100 Money.png
+5 Fitness.png
Sportsy, Dominant
Geeky pen 100 Money.png
+5 Knowledge.png
Bookworm, Family
Cool sunglasses 100 Money.png
+5 Charm.png
Submissive, Rebel
Funny badge 100 Money.png
+5 Charm.png
Geek, Playful
Military boots 100 Money.png
+5 Charm.png
Submissive, Gourmand
Luxury watch/bracelet 200 Money.png
+10 Charm.png
Pacifist, Princess

Booty call

If the MC has > 75 Love.png, >= 25 Sub.png, you may call the character up and go directly to the post-date sex scenes without having a date. This sacrifices the Love.png gain of a date (and any story events that might happen) for the benefits of a sex scene.


If a romance option has at least 30 Sub.png (this number is the same for all characters and all piercings), during the mall date the MC can take their date to the piercing shop and buy or remove piercings. These piercings are generally cosmetic in nature only.

50 Money.png
100 Money.png
200 Money.png
300 Money.png
400 Money.png
500 Money.png
600 Money.png

Not all characters support all piercings. In particular only a few support lip and eyebrow piercings.


There is a slave collar that can be purchased as a gift at the sex shop. If given to a character, and that character accepts it, their status will change to sex slave and they will wear the collar. If their Sub.png ever drops below 50, they will no longer be shown wearing the collar.

At the moment, collaring is not supported for all characters.

Name Possible Love.png Sub.png Additional Information Image
Aletta >=201 >=90 - Aletta collar.png
Alexis >=201 >=90 Only if you hired an PI Alexis collar.png
Anna >=50 >=90 Anna collar.png
Audrey >=201 >=90 Audrey collar.png
Ayesha >=201 >=90 Ayesha collar.png
Bree >=201 >=90 Only possible on her maid path Bree collar.png
Camila >=201 >=90 Not possible at the moment (KP cap is too low) Camila collar.png
Cassidy >=201 Only possible when she is your pet and her Love.png >=60 or Sub.png >=90 Cassidy collar.png
Emma >=201 >=90 Emma collar.png
Hanna >=201 >=90 Hanna collar.png
Harmony >=201 >=90 Purity needs to be <=14 Harmony collar.png
Kleio >=201 >=90 had the sport car during the mechanic event Kleio collar.png
Kylie >=201 Should accept it without any restrictions. Kylie collar.png
Lavish >=201 >=90 Played her spanking events to raise her Sub.png to 100 Lavish collar.png
Lexi >=201 >=90 gifting her the collar will increase her max Sub.png to 100 Lexi collar.png
Minami >=201 >=90 Mike's siscon points = 100 Minami collar.png
Morgan >=201 >=90 Her dialog is different depending on her masculinity >74 | >24 | <=24 Morgan collar.png
Palla >=201 >=90 See Note2 Palla collar.png
Samantha >=201 >=90 Played path D and Samantha did already dump Ryan (Path E) Samantha collar.png
Sasha >=201 >=90 Sasha collar.png
Shiori >=201 >=90 Shiori collar.png

1The 20 Love.png minimum is needed to be able to give gifts.
2To collar Palla you have to play her slave route. In order to do that you have to receive a phone call from Palla where she calls Mike and tells him that she has problem settling down. Depending on what you choose when she talked to Mike face to face the dialog will play out a bit different but you you have to choose "I want you all to myself" in the upcoming menu in order to flag her slave route. After you have done that, you need to finish the event Palla explains her situation in order to collar Palla.


Some characters can be proposed to. A wedding ring can be bought in the mall. Giving the ring as a gift leads to a proposal. Characters who can be married need to have very high love - this should only be attempted when Love.png is at or near max, or they will likely say no.

Once accepted, the next Sunday, there will be a wedding.

After the wedding will be a bit of an epilogue, and the game will end. Because of this, you should ALWAYS save before proposing.