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Amy is a teaser character that has a few scenes available. She appears after 33 days of play for Male Mc only. She (reluctantly) works at the Electronics store

Amy Teaser

Prerequisites: Electronics Store, 33 days since game start, 50

Mike runs into a bored Amy at the electronics store. He can either flirt with her and get her number, continuing the event chain, or ignore her, causing her to never show up again.

Amy Teaser Kiss

Prerequisites: Electronics Store, 1 day since Amy Teaser, 50

Mike enters the store hoping to find Amy and sees her getting scolded by Shawn. She decides to kiss and leave to Mike and Shawn's confusion.

Amy Teaser Sex

Prerequisites: Electronics Store, 1 day since Amy Teaser Kiss, Friday, 50

Mike comes by the store again and runs into Shawn before he calls Amy over because he is too busy. Amy takes the opportunity to have some fun with the MC. You can choose to either fuck her pussy or her ass.