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In-game description: "Emma is the girl of my dreams. Literally, I had an amazingly intense dream about her, and then she turned out to be real. I feel drawn to her. Is it mystical? I don't know!"

Emma is a manic pixie dream girl that Mike can dream about. Unlocking her requires a number of steps and it will be difficult to progress her story all the way through if Mike MC has gone steady with any other girl or has Cassidy as his pet, so it is advisable to go for Emma early in the game.

General story events

Dreams of Emma

Prerequisite: Days played > 10, >= 10, Sleep, 20% chance

Mike has a dream about Emma.

Fucking the Dream Girl

Prerequisite: >= 7 days since Dreams of Emma, >= 10, Luck , Sleep

There are three options to boost your luck:

If you chose "I'm unlucky" at the beginning, you will need Lavish's panties and a four-leaf clover at the same time.

Mike dreams about Emma again. This time, it goes all the way into the lewd.

Just a Glimpse

Prerequisite: Park, 10:00-15:00

Mike spots a girl in the park who resembles the one from his dreams. Regardless of how you choose to react, you can now go searching for her at the Gym, Mall, Park and University.

Samantha's Friend

Prerequisite: Bakery, 10:00-15:00, done Just a Glimpse and searched at all locations, Samantha present, Samantha >= 60

When you enter the bakery Samantha introduces you to her friend from university, Emma.

Important: If Samantha introduces Mike as her boyfriend, Emma will have reservations to pursue the relationship.

Samantha will introduce you as a boyfriend under three conditions:

  • Samantha is your slave and calls you master
  • Completed Sam's wedding, and had sex with her when she shows up at your house. after the wedding
  • Completed the event where Sam breaks up with Ryan Samantha dumps Ryan

A Friend Date

Prerequisite: Bakery, 2 days since Samantha's Friend

Samantha organizes to get together with Mike and Emma. It will take place at 16:00 on the day of your choice.

Choosing to joke about dating both of them gains Samantha 5 . After this event Emma will give you her number.

Outcome: Emma become available on the map, max set to 10.

Talk about Samantha

Prerequisite: Emma >= 10

Emma tells mike she is worried about Sam. If you are on Samantha's marriage or revenge path, the dialogue gives different options.

Outcome: Emma max set to 15.

Coffee Confession

Prerequisite: Coffee Shop (Mon/Wed/Thu 07:00), Emma >= 15

Emma tells Mike about some odd dreams she's been having.

Outcome: Emma max set to 20.

Scavenger Hunt

Prerequisite: Emma >= 20

Emma will call to invite Mike to go on a scavenger hunt with her around the city. The event will start at the chosen date at 16:00.

There are three riddles that must be solved, hinting to a location and something within that location. Unlike a regular date, you can move around the map. You can also do regular actions like working or eating, but any character interaction is automatically with Emma. Your action bar also gains a button to have Emma repeat the hint and a button to guess if you are in the right place. If you are in the right location, you then have to choose which object from a list is the on the riddle refers to. Every successful answer will increase your score by 30 . If you reach 100 Emma kisses Mike (you can also interact with her to gain points).

Answers to the riddles are behind the spoiler tags. Hover over the text to read it.

What has keys but unlocks nothing? Electronics Shop, Computer

It sits high glowing and watches the world go by, without it everything would seem dark and dangerous. Park, Lamp

Elegant in public, a sign of power. Constricting in private, a sign of submission. Sex Shop (open from 20:00), Collar

Outcome: Emma max set to 30.

Fate or Coincidence?

Prerequisite: Pub, Emma >= 30, buy Emma a drink

Mike and Emma talk about their dreams. Saying you don't believe in coincidence gains 2 (normal game).

Emma suggests a sleepover at Mike's place to test their "supernatural" connection (although they agree on Saturday, the sleepover will actually happen on Friday).

Sleepover Time

Prerequisites: Living Room, Friday 21:00-0:00, Emma >= 40

Mike and Emma have a sleepover to see if they can share another dream.

Wait for Emma to Reappear

Prerequisites: done Sleepover Time

Emma won't appear on the travel bar to indicate she is at a location, you just have to run into her at one of her usual hangouts (there is a very high chance that you can meet her after the sleepover in the coffee shop at the mall). Mike talks to Emma about his latest dream.

You can admit to having another dream (or lie and then choose "Relent"), which leads to the question if they should explore it or not.

  • We should explore it: If Mike was introduced as Samantha's boyfriend, he has to talk to her before he can progress with Emma.
  • Nothing: Mike decides not to do anything about the situation and that it's best that they pretend it never happened.

If you lied and choose "It's better this way" afterwards, her story progression ends here.

Outcome: Emma's max set to 60, if Samantha did not introduce you as her boyfriend Emma is now dateable.

(Optional) Avoid the unavoidable

Prerequisites: done Wait for Emma to Reappear, Emma's < 60, Samantha introduced you as her boyfriend

To avoid problems with Emma at this point it is recommended to do the following three steps in order to keep her in the game as a dating option:

  1. Friendzone Samantha
  2. Choose the "Ask for a second chance" option when you interact with Samantha (Don't use the "Go Steady" option)
  3. Check if her status says "Friend" and nothing else

If you have done those two steps exactly as they are mentioned here, you should be able to continue her storyline.

Talk with Samantha

Prerequisites: Emma >= 60, Samantha is not friendzoned, Samantha introduced you as her boyfriend

Mike calls Samantha to talk with her about Emma.

If Samantha's status is "girlfriend", you'll have the following dialogue options:

  • Of course: The dialogue continues
  • I don't really: Mike breaks up with Samantha (this leads to a bad end).

When Samantha asks if she has to get out of the way:

  • No!: Samantha arranges a meeting with Mike and Emma the next day 14:00-18:00 (this leads to a good ending)
  • I want to explore with Emma:
    • If Samantha is Mike's girlfriend she breaks up with him (this leads to a bad end).
    • Otherwise, Mike friendzones Samantha and Emma gets the OK from her (Emma is now dateable). You can later apologize to Samantha.

To be or not to be

Prerequisites: done Talk with Samantha, chose "I want to explore with Emma" or "I don't really", Samantha is friendzoned, Emma is present

Emma talks with Mike about the whole Samantha situation.

  • If Mike chose "I want to explore with Emma" and Samantha was not his girlfriend, Emma will be ok with dating Mike
  • If Mike chose "I don't really" or "I want to explore with Emma" and Samantha was his girlfriend, Emma is mad that he betrayed Samantha and will be gone forever.

Meeting with Samantha and Emma

Prerequisites: done talk with Samantha, chose that you don't want to end things with Samantha

Mike, Emma and Samantha will meet in the bakery and talk about the whole situation.

If Samantha >= 45, her dialogue will be a bit different. She promises to fix things with Emma (This path is not implemented at the moment!)

Outcome: Nothing changes, Emma is still not dateable

Dating Emma

Handjob scene

Prerequisites: Emma is datable, Emma >= 60, invite Emma to a date 4 times

  1. For the after date scene to happen you have to invite Emma to Mike's home 3 times. She will tell Mike that she will consider it another time.
    • Accept her choice and do this on three different dates with her.
    • Don't insist that she comes home with you, she will lose a lot of and the amount of times you need to ask are increased by +1.
  2. When Mike asks her for the fourth time she will accept his invitation and go home with Mike. There she proposes that they watch some Anime.
    • Don't propose to do something different instead on the fourth date or she will get mad and leave for the evening.
  3. When Mike invites Emma home for the fifth time, Mike can propose to either watch another anime series or that they do something sexier.
    • If Mike proposes to do something sexier, Emma will ask him with how many girls he has been together (had sex with) and if he has a girlfriend at the moment:
      • If Mike is not seeing any girl, everything is fine and Emma will give Mike a handjob
      • If Mike is seeing another girl (these status count: girlfriend, fiancée, mistress, pet, sex slave, pregnant)
        • Yes: Emma will remember that Mike admitted to having a girlfriend (this will be relevant later). If his girlfriend is Palla, Lexi or Audrey, nothing will happen.
        • [LIE] No: Emma will get that Mike lied to her and she will become undateable and her max will be set to 12.
    • If Mike just tells her that they're out of Benji episodes then the whole conversation about the other girls will be avoided and Emma will give Mike a handjob

Outcome: At this point of Emma's story a new value is introduced (Lovepoints, those are not the same as and can't be tracked in-game) that has to be increased in order to successfully get to a point in her story where you'll be able to keep dating Emma. The following three events don't have a specific order in which they have to be finished!

Cinema date

Prerequisites: Invite Emma to a date at the cinema, Emma gave Mike a handjob

Mike and Emma go on a date to the cinema. Mike has multiple reactions from which he can choose on how to react to the shown footage on screen.

Decision Lovepoint
I feel disgusted by the kiss - 2 - -
I don't like the kiss, but I don't show it - + 15% +1
I like the kiss - + 20% +1

Eavesdrop on Emma and Bree

Prerequisites: Emma & Bree are at the University (classroom), Emma gave Mike a handjob

Mike hears Emma and Bree talk about him at the university.

If you didn't already start Bree's maid path or her gamer path she will just watch a movie with Emma.

If Mike helps Bree with her money problems (maid path) or talked with her about the video game tournament (gamer path):

Checks (only one applies) Lovepoint additional information
Bree is pregnant with >= 45 +1 Emma is ok with Bree
Bree is a sex slave - -
Bree is part of the home harem - -
If Mike had sex with Bree with >= 45 +1 Emma is ok with Bree
If Mike had sex with Bree with < 45 - Emma thinks Mike is cheating
If Mike didn't have sex with Bree +1 -

Girlfriend situation

Prerequisites: Invite Emma to a date at the park and have a picnic, Emma gave Mike a handjob

Emma will ask Mike again if he sees someone or how his relationship with some of the other girls go.

If a girl has any of these statuses she will count as a girlfriend: girlfriend, fiancée, mistress, pet, sex slave.

There are some girls that don't get considered as girlfriends (Lexi, Audrey and Palla if Mike admitted it to her during the handjob event).

  • If Mike has no active girlfriend at the moment (Emma and Samantha don't count), he didn't get any girl pregnant and didn't admit that he has any girlfriends before, Emma will gain +1 Lovepoint and +20%
  • If Mike admitted that he had a girlfriend before but broke up with all of them, Emma will gain +1 Lovepoint
  • If Palla, Audrey or Lexi are his girlfriends (and he admitted it before) then Emma will gain +1 Lovepoint and +20%
  • If Mike still has no girlfriend everything is fine and Emma will gain +1 Lovepoint
  • If Mike got a girlfriend in the meantime or got any girl pregnant, Emma get's suspicious and thinks that Mike is cheating on her ( +5)

(Optional) Riding the line

Prerequisites: Emma gave Mike a handjob

Strictly speaking, it's possible to continue Emma's story while still dating girls she does not otherwise approve of, if you do things correctly. Notably, for the purposes of Bree's lovepoint Bree being pregnant will override all other versions of the scene,

so it is possible to have formed the home harem and still date Emma so long as Bree is pregnant and has the requisite stats. At which point, simply trigger the scene in the university and then select one of the two correct options during the cinema date,

and the storyline should progress normally.

The Judgment

Prerequisites: done Girlfriend Situation & Emma talks to Bree & Cinema date, Emma is present

Mike and Emma meet and Mike has awaits Emma's final decision about him.

  • If Emma's Lovepoints >= 3, her Max will be set to 70 and she gains +2 (her being suspicious of Mike cheating is not relevant)
  • If Emma's Lovepoints = 2, OR Emma's Lovepoints = 1 and she is not suspicious of Mike cheating on her, her max will be set to 70 and she gains +1
    • Do note that for the second condition, it means you must have at least 2 Lovepoints to continue dating her if she suspects you of cheating.
  • If Emma's Lovepoints = 0, she will not date Mike anymore

Bedroom roleplay

Prerequisites: done Emma handjob scene, Emma >= 70.

After you saw the handjob and increased her to 70, Emma will propose to do some roleplay in the bedroom.

  • "Oh no, I've waited forever for this..." will lead to a bad ending for that scene resulting in Emma leaving forever.
  • As you wish my Princess leads to some cunnilingus action. Afterwards she will ask Mike if he wants to be her boyfriend.
    • Accepting that increases her max to 80 and sets her status to girlfriend
    • If Mike tells her that he can't do that her max will be set to 25 and she will be undateable.

Finishing the cunnilingus scene successfully allows you to choose between the handjob and the cunnilingus scene after a date.

Beach Date

Prerequisites: be at 90

Take Emma to the beach for a date and she'll mention how she wants her wedding.

  • Max will be set to 100
  • Can successfully propose after this

Blowjob scene

Prerequisites: done Bedroom roleplay

At their fifth date Mike can either ask Emma if she wants to give him a blowjob or he can insist on sex (if he does, Emma will leave forever).

Finishing the blowjob scene successfully allows you to choose a blowjob in further after-date events.

Petite love

Prerequisites: done Blowjob scene

In order to unlock the different sex scenes with Emma you need to loosen her up or have sex with her in order to increase her sexperience.

  • To loosen Emma up you have to perform cunnilingus during the after date scene. There is unfortunately no tracking how often you performed cunnilingus.
    • Mike needs at least 10 sexperience to perform cunnilingus
  • Emma's sexperience is increased by having vaginal or anal sex with her (cunnilingus, blowjob or handjob do not increase sexperience).
    • At the beginning it is not possible to have vaginal sex with her without loosening her up first (exception see in the table below)
    • Anal is unlocked when Mike MC's sexperience >= 20 and Emma >= 50
    • You can check the sexperience in Emma's character card

The base value you have to reach (loosened up + sexperience combined) can be seen in the table below. This value changes if you have picked "Small penis" or "Hung" during character creation. You can modify your penis size with the pills available in the drugstore.

Loosened up + sexperience Small dick Normal Hung
Hottub 0 5 10
Missionary 5 10 15
Doggy 10 15 20
Cowgirl 10 15 20
Reverse Cowgirl 10 15 20

Sex Events

Beach Sex

Prerequisites: Emma >=75, Had sex with Emma.

Interact with Emma at the beach or during a date at the beach. (nudist beach also counts)

Kissing Emma

Emma doesn't allow Mike to kiss her by just raising her . To unlock kissing Mike must go on a date with Emma and the date score () must be raised to 75%. After Mike kissed her for the first time he can kiss her everywhere.

Time schedule

The following table shows at which time you can meet Emma in various locations.

Warning: The table is only valid if you turn randomness off.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 08:00 sleep 00:00 08:00 sleep
07:00 10:00 coffee shop 07:00 10:00 bakery 07:00 10:00 coffee shop 07:00 10:00 coffee shop 07:00 10:00 bakery 09:00 10:00 bakery 09:00 10:00 bakery
11:00 classroom 11:00 classroom 11:00 classroom 11:00 classroom 11:00 classroom 11:00 12:00 gym 11:00 12:00 gym
12:00 university 12:00 university 12:00 university 12:00 university 12:00 university 13:00 18:00 bakery 13:00 18:00 bakery
13:00 university cafeteria 13:00 university cafeteria 13:00 university cafeteria 13:00 university cafeteria 13:00 university cafeteria 19:00 22:00 pub 19:00 22:00 park
14:00 university 14:00 university 14:00 university 14:00 university 14:00 university 23:00 00:00 sleep 23:00 00:00 sleep
15:00 17:00 classroom 15:00 17:00 classroom 15:00 17:00 clasroom 15:00 17:00 classroom 15:00 17:00 classroom
18:00 university 18:00 university 18:00 bakery 18:00 bakery 18:00 university
19:00 20:00 park 19:00 20:00 park 19:00 20:00 park 19:00 20:00 park 19:00 20:00 park
21:00 00:00 sleep 21:00 00:00 sleep 21:00 sleep 21:00 sleep 21:00 22:00 pub
23:00 sleep