Gaming Harem

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A harem involving Bree and Kat (meaning this harem is exclusive to Gamer Bree)

Bree & Kat Events

Forming the harem

In order to start the gamer harem, you must meet the following criteria:

Bree >= 75? >= 50? >= 50?

To start the harem, you must be on the Gamer Bree path and must have met Thyra in Offline meet up. You must then go into the living room at home when only Bree is there, in the afternoon on the weekend (12PM and 4PM both work). Kat will interrupt while Mike is playing games with Bree at home, and you must accept her request to join you in order to start the harem. During the event, you will be given the option to have sex with either Kat or Bree during the threesome.

Bree doesn't technically have to have greater than 75 for this event but it is a pre requisite for the Offline meet up event.

This is the only event in the harem so far.