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At the moment there are two seasonal events which happen every year.


Halloween Planning

Prerequisites: Fall 20-30, 20:00 - 23:00, Bree & Sasha are at home, living room

Bree and Sasha suggest to host a Halloween party and ask Mike if he is also on board.

If Mike accepts, the party will take place at Fall 31. If he turns down the offer the party will not happen.


Prerequisites: done Halloween Planning, interact with a girl, >= 2, did not invite any girl

Mike asks the girl he is talking with if she wants to come to his Halloween party.

The party

Prerequisites: Fall 31, 20:00

During the party a bunch of guest arrive like Jack, Scottie and the girl Mike invites to the Halloween party.

After the party there is a special after-date scene with the girl Mike invited.

If Mike did not invite any girl and Kylie is available and not in prison, she will crash the party. Otherwise, he will dance with one of his housemates but there is no after-date scene

Attention: For some characters the event changes depending which path of their story you play:


If you invite Shiori and her is < 63 you can go trick or treating with Shiori & Kanta.


If you invite Alexis and she is on her NTR path you will get a special sex scene between her, Jack, Scottie and Ryan.


If Samantha didn't divorce Ryan by the time of the event she will show up with him. Her scene changes a little bit if one of the following events have been done:

Christmas Party

Christmas Invitation

Prerequisites: done Office Party, not under investigation or lost your job, Cassidy is not gone, go to the office in the week before the Friday before Christmas

If you have not played Cassidy's storyline through, Dwayne will invite the office crew to a Christmas party which takes place on the Friday before Christmas. If Mike has become CEO, he will be the one inviting.

The party will be cancelled if Mike is investigated or fired or if he gets rid of Dwayne before the party.

The party

Prerequisites: done Christmas invitation, Friday before Christmas, 14.00-18.00

During the party, Mike interacts with the girl with the highest . If Dwayne is still the CEO, he will make a pass at her and Mike can intervene. If he does, he loses 2 promotions and 10% work progress. If he chooses not to get involved, the girl loses -10 . For the special sex scene, Mike can choose any girl with >= 50 he already had sex with once.

If Mike has become CEO he can also make Cherie the girl of the evening.