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In-game description:
Gym Girl: "There is this hot girl at the gym. I don't even know her name."
Hanna: "Hanna is the daughter of the owner of the gym."

Hanna is a serious fitness buff, and her father owns the gym. She is shy and extremely well built.

If Hanna has sex after a date, she’ll do the cowgirl position or missionary. She will require a condom unless >= 90 or give her at least 3 drinks and choose her cowgirl pose during the after date scene and she will accept to have sex without a condom.

Story events

Hanna’s introduction

Prerequisites: Gym 10:00-17:00, >7 days played, >= 20, Train or Train Hard

Mike sees Hanna running on the treadmill.

Hanna masturbates

Prerequisites: Gym 10:00-17:00, >= 30, Train or Train Hard, done Hanna’s introduction

Mike, while taking a shower, watches Hanna masturbate without knowing who she is.

Meet Hanna

Prerequisites: Renew gym membership(it takes 5 to 7 days for membership to expire), >= 40

Mike is introduced to Hanna. He finds out her dad owns the gym, and sometimes she works there.

Outcome: Hanna max set to 20

Shower with Hanna

Prerequisites: Hanna >= 20, Train or train hard, >= 50, done Meet Hanna

Hanna boldly asks to join Mike in the shower. If accepted, she gives Mike a BJ.

Outcome: Hanna max set to 30


Prerequisites: Hanna >= 30, Park 6:00-10:00, Hanna is present, >= 50, done Shower with Hanna

Mike races Hanna in the Park.

Outcome: Hanna max set to 40

Working out

Prerequisites: Hanna >= 40, >= 70, Gym, done Race, Train or Train Hard.

Mike and Hanna work out together. Hanna flirts with Mike

Outcome: Hanna max set to 50

Gym Talk

Prerequisites: Hanna >=50, >= 80

Mike and Hanna talk about the gym. Hanna's father has debts he can't pay, so he steals money from his business. After you talk to her, the max will be set to 60.

The outcome requires that you reach 60 and talk to her. The decisions, their requirements and their consequences are listed in the table below.

Choice Requirement Outcome
Tell her to sell the Gym none She will leave the game
Tell her to make it more attractive >= 25 Max set to 50 , Max set to 70, Ayesha's and Hanna's clothes change while working
Lend her the Money >= 5000 +10 , Max set to 70

Hanna and Mike are visiting the strip club

Prerequisites: Done Gym Talk, told Hanna to make the gym sexier during Gym Talk, Hanna >= 70, happens after a date when DateScore >= 50%

Hanna and Mike visit the strip club., Hanna have Sexy dress

Choice Requirement Outcome
Encourage Hanna to dance >= 60 Hanna will dance in the strip club, +2
Discourage Hanna from dancing none +1 , Hanna and Mike will leave the strip club

Outcome: Hanna max set to 80

Hanna's date at the strip club

Prerequisites: Done Hanna and Mike are visiting the strip club, Hanna >= 80, Mike gifted Hanna a sexy dress, Mike goes on a date with Hanna and chooses Strip club as a location

Choice Requirement Outcome
Encourage Hanna to dance >= 60 +2
Discourage Hanna from dancing none +1

Outcome: Hanna max set to 90, max set to 100

Meet Hanna on the front porch

Prerequisites: Done date at the strip club, Hanna >=90

Wait on the front porch

Outcome: Hanna max is set to 100

Sex events

Hot tub Sex

Prerequisites: Home Date, Hanna >=50, Sex with Hanna at least once, Hot tub repaired

During at Date at home click the "Dip in the hot tub" button when all the requirements are met.

Other events

Touchy customer

Prerequisites: done Gym talk, convinced her to make the gym more sexy, Hanna is at the gym, visit the gym

Mike visits the gym after Hanna changed its image to make it sexier. He spots Hanna having trouble with one of the customers.

Mike can either intervene or let it happen.

Outcome: Hanna max set to 75

"Dog" Walk Pt 1

Prerequisites: Done Touchy customer, Hanna collared, Hanna >= 90, Mike has a date with Hanna at home during the evening, DateScore >= 90%

Mike takes Hanna out on a walk

(Note: If you played the Touchy customer event in a version before v22.9.0, you have to play it again for this event to unlock!)

"Dog" Walk Pt 2

Prerequisites: Done "Dog" Walk Pt 1, Hanna Collared, Hanna = 100, Take Hanna on a home date.

Mike takes Hanna out on another walk. (This event is repeatable.)


Hanna has some of the most complex conversations in the game and you are able to adjust her stats depending upon your responses.

Topic Mike's choice
Books Fantasy: - Fitness: +1 Romance: - Comics: -
Computers Teach: +1 Agree: - Doubt: -1 -
Fashion Cute: +1 Slutty: +1 Sweaty: +1 Nothing: -1
Food Whatever: -1 Junkfood: -1 Healthy: +1 I'm vegan: +1
Love You: +1 Someone else: +1 I don't need love: -1 Myself: -1
Music No: +1 80s media: - Anime soundtracks: - Rock, metal: -
People Love People: - Hate People: - Depends: +1 How about you: +1
Politics Agree: +1 Disagree: -1 Both: +1 I don't know: -1
Sex Love it: -1 Want you: +1 I'm a dom: +1 I'm a sub: -1
Sports Nope: - E-sports: -1   Running: +1   Sex: +1  
Travel Hiking: +1   Different country: +1   Theme park: -1   Nope: -1  
Television In the zone: +1   Soap opera: - Netflix and chill: -1   Super Hero: -1  

Time schedule

The following table shows at which time you can meet Hanna in various locations.

Warning: The table is only valid if you turn randomness off.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 00:00 06:00 sleep 11:00 18:00 park
07:00 park 07:00 park 07:00 park 07:00 park 07:00 11:00 gym 07:00 11:00 gym
08:00 22:00 gym 08:00 22:00 gym 08:00 22:00 gym 08:00 22:00 gym 12:00 14:00 coffee shop 12:00 14:00 park
15:00 22:00 park 15:00 18:00 gym