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The game is structured around a year of four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) with 31 days each, so a full year comes to 124 days. You can determine the starting date as well as the MC's birthday at the beginning of the game. The starting day is always a Monday, the weekdays are calculated accordingly.

Season-specific locations

Some locations are season-specific: The beach is only open in Summer, the waterpark opens in Spring and closes in Fall. Swimming in the pool will be impossible by Fall also. This restricts the progress on some characters, although the game offers alternatives for most events. The following table lists the season-critical events:

Event Season Location Requirement Story Notes
Alexis: Beach Date Summer Beach car/sports car
Bree: Beach BJ Summer Beach car/sports car
Camila:Park Date Spring/Winter Park
Home Harem: Beach Date Summer Beach car/sports car
Kylie: Christmas Event Winter Home leads to Game Over
The Master Summer Beach any vehicle teaches you martial arts, necessary for finishing Cassidy's storyline
Minami Summer Beach vehicle & swimsuit at least one is necessary to get Minami back to 100
Spring/Summer Waterpark swimsuit

Holidays and birthdays

There are five holidays: New Years Day (Spring 1), Valentine's Day (Spring 14), Independence Day (Summer 4), Halloween (Fall 31), Christmas (Winter 25). Christmas is treated like a Sunday, so the office is closed. There are two seasonal events, the Halloween party and the Christmas party.

On his birthday, Valentine's Day and Christmas, Mike MC will receive gifts from the girls he meets (if >= 20 for birthday, >= 25 for Christmas and >= 50 for Valentine's). Most characters have a specific list of items to give and if he already has that item they will skip to the next one or give you something generic (cake or chocolate). After forming the Home Harem, Bree and Sasha also have a special birthday surprise for Mike.

Mike MC can ask the girls for their birthday and interact with them on the respective day (see below). There is an extra talk topic and if you give the girl a gift, the gain (or loss) will be scaled up by 50%. Bree, Sasha and Samantha each have special dates that can be played only on their birthday.

Spring Summer Fall Winter
1 New Year's Day Alexis' birthday
2 Dwayne's birthday Scottie's birthday
3 Lavish's birthday Camila's birthday
4 Independence Day
5 Lexi's birthday
7 Bree's birthday
8 Samantha's birthday
9 Cassidy's birthday
12 Jack's birthday
13 Kylie's birthday
14 Valentine's Day Palla's birthday Aletta's birthday
15 Morgan's birthday
16 Audrey's birthday Kleio's birthday
17 Angela's birthday
21 Sasha's birthday
22 Harmony's birthday Mike's birthday (Bree MC)
23 Shiori's birthday
25 Minami's birthday Christmas
26 Anna's birthday
27 Emma's birthday
29 Cherie's birthday Ayesha's birthday
30 Hanna's birthday
31 Halloween