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Palla is a model and Audrey’s best friend. She is a confusing mix of bitchy and sweet, difficult to get to know.

After date sex with Palla, she will fuck in the doggy position. Anal sex will increase her rapidly.

Character Path Blockers

Attempting to date Palla more than three times prior to 'Palla inviting Mike to the nightclub' will block progression. Mike must also give Palla Sweets and Flowers before 'Palla invites Mike to the nightclub' will trigger.

Story events

Palla’s introduction

Prerequisites: Mall 14:00-18:00, > 10 days played

Mike sees Audrey talking to a cute redhead in the mall, and Audrey introduces her best friend, Palla.

Changing room sex

Prerequisites: Clothes shop, >= 50

Palla sees Mike in the clothes shop and demands he buy her a dress she wants. Mike can pay or refuse. Either way she goes to try the dress on and taunts him about following her.

If Mike follows her, they have anal sex while Palla pretends not to want it.

Outcome: Palla becomes available. Palla Max set to 5, Palla max set to 60.

Discussing the changing room

Prerequisites: Coffee shop, done Changing room sex

Note: Having had sex is not required to trigger this.

Palla confronts Mike in the coffee shop to discuss what happened. If Mike paid for the dress and did not accost her, she offers to pay him back. If they had sex, she berates him.

Mike has two responses when asked to apologize.

Apologize - No change in Palla's stats

Not a chance - Palla gains +6

Either way she vacillates between being mean and sweet, and eventually leaves awkwardly.

Meet Palla in the coffee-shop

Prerequisites: Discussing the changing room done, Palla is not in the coffee shop, Palla >= 5, >= 20

Mike meets Palla in the coffee shop. As she spots Mike she greets him with a wrong name and orders him to buy her coffee.

He can choose between 3 different choices which all have a different outcome:

  • Buy her the drink: -5 & -10
  • Fuck off: [Fine]: Same as buy her a drink | [No] + 2
  • Did you call me bitch?: [Worth it]: +3 +5 | [Not Worth]: -5 +5

Outcome: Depends on the choice and Palla max set to 10

Meet Palla in the clothes-store

Prerequisites: Done second coffee shop encounter, Sasha is in the clothes-store & Palla not, Palla >= 10

Palla is at the clothes-store where Sasha works and rants about some clothes that she can't find in the store. At some point both of them realize that Mike is there too.

He can choose between 3 different choices which all have a different outcome:

  • Defuse the situation: [Palla] -5 -5 | [Sasha] -2
  • Escort Palla out: [Palla]+2 | [Sasha] +5
  • Stay out of it: [Palla]: - 5 -10 | [Sasha]: -3

Outcome: Depends on the choice and Palla max set to 15

Meet Palla in the nightclub

Prerequisites: done Meet Palla in the clothes-store, Palla >= 15, nightclub, Palla is at the nightclub, interact with Palla

Mike sees Palla giving the bartender a death glare because she does not like the way the bartender made her drink. The bartender offers Mike a free drink and he has to make a choice:

  • Accept the drink [+1 +1 ]
  • Decline drink [-3 -10 ]

If Mike decides to accept the drink he has multiple choices in the following discussion:

  • You counted cute twice [-1 -1 ] OR Not as cute as the bartender [+2 ]
    • For a dance? Sure (ends the event)
    • You'll have to do more then that ---> Yes [+4 ] OR No [-3 -10 ] (ends event)
    • I don't think so
      • Just don't feel like it (ends event)
      • Because you're being a bitch
        • Still no [-5 -5 ] (end of event)
        • I have to see this ---> Blue Hawaiian [+10 ] OR Blue Hawaii (ends event)

Outcome: Depends on your choice and Palla , Palla max set to 20

Buy Palla a drink at the pub

Prerequisites: done meet her in the nightclub, Palla >= 20, interact with her and offer her a drink

Mike offers Palla a drink in the pub, he mocks her with the Blue Hawaiian drink from the bar and she demands from him that he apologizes.

If he does so: -5 -10 .

If he doesn't apologize it will not have any consequences.

They keep on talking and Palla asks why Mike puts up with her and why exactly he bought her the drink.

Her he can choose different answers:

  • want to fuck your ass again (only if he had sex with her in the clothes-store): +2
  • Watching you be a bitch: -
  • I kind of like you: -5 -10
  • I was bored: -2

Outcome: Depends on your choice and Palla max set to 25

Buy Palla another drink at the pub

Prerequisites: done buy her a drink at the pub, Palla >=25, interact with her and offer her a drink

Mike tries to invites Palla to a drink again and has to choose if he tells her to:

  • Stop being bitchy: +3
  • Please take the drink:

Mike notices that Palla is unusually quiet today and asks her if something is wrong. She asks him what's up between him and the girl he is seeing (this has some unique dialog for the following girls: Hanna, Bree, Audrey, and Sasha). She asks Mike if he lets her watch the next time he and his girlfriend have sex.

  • If he says yes: -5 -10
  • If he says no: +2

Outcome: Depending on your choice and Palla max set to 30

Workout with Palla

Prerequisites: done second pub event with Palla, Palla >= 30, Palla is at the gym, interact with her and train together with her

Mike asks Palla if she wants to train with him. She demands that he has to do what she says in order to workout with her.

  • If Mike accepts that: -3 -4
  • If Mike declines the conditions: +2
    • Set the weights where she says: -
    • Set the weights really high: -5 -2
    • Set the weights a little high: +1

Outcome: Depends on you choice and Palla max set to 35

Palla Coffee shop event

Prerequisites: done workout with Palla, Palla >= 35, Palla is in the coffeeshop, >= 10

Mike runs into Palla at the coffee shop and witnesses Palla ending a phone call rather aggressively. She starts insulting Mike after he offers to listen to her problems. He can choose from two Options:

  • Have it your way: -1
  • Sit down anyway: +2

Either option will lead to another decision Mike has to make:

  • Take the job: -5 +1
  • Stick with you principles: +1

Outcome: Depends on your choice, Palla max set to 40

Palla invites Mike to the nightclub

Prerequisites: 24:00-01:00, Palla >= 40, done Discussing the changing room

Palla rings Mike up in the middle of the night and demands Mike go and dance with her.

If he refuses, Palla leaves the game.

If he accepts, they dance. If Mike has the dancing skill, Palla is impressed, otherwise she is not. Then she goes to the bathroom and tells Mike not to follow her in a way that suggests Mike really should follow her.

If he does, they make out a bit until they are interrupted. Palla then runs off, leaving Mike hanging.

If Mike does not follow her, Palla’s storyline is temporarily halted.

Outcome: Palla max set to 60 if he followed her, Palla will allow being kissed and you can now dance with her.

Learning to dance

Prerequisites: Nightclub, Palla >= 40, dance with Palla

If Mike does not have the dance skill, Palla will teach him to dance. 

Outcome: After 4 lessons, Mike gains the dancing skill.

Palla is not impressed

Prerequisites: Mike did not go to the nightclub OR did not follow her to restroom, interact with Palla

If Mike didn’t accede to Palla’s whims, Mike and Palla will have an awkward conversation where she is angry with him for turning her down.

If Mike rebuffs her here, she leaves the game. If Mike agrees to give her one more try, 3 days later her max will be set to 60 and her storyline can progress.

Palla discusses the nightclub

Prerequisites: Palla present, done Palla invites Mike to the nightclub and followed her to the bathroom.

Palla approaches Mike the next time she sees him, and thanks him for coming when she really needed someone.

They kiss, then she tries to pull away. Mike can let her for gain, or not let her for gain.

Palla invites Mike to the restaurant

Prerequisites: done Palla discusses the nightclub, 23:00-24:00, gave sweets & flowers to Palla, gave candies to Palla, Palla >= 60.

Palla rings Mike up late at night and asks him to come to the restaurant with her. If Mike goes, she demands he shower first. 

They have a nice date, and it ends with Palla giving Mike a BJ under the table.

Outcome: Palla max set to 80, Palla is dateable.

Palla discusses sex

Prerequisites: Had post-date sex with Palla, Palla present

Palla approaches Mike and assumes Mike is going to dump her now that they’ve slept together.

If Mike chooses not to dump her, they talk about their relationship.

Note: Palla needs >= 50 and you must selected “I want you to be mine and mine alone” in order to increase Palla max to 70. This is needed to progress her storyline further.

Outcome: Palla max set to 100; Palla max may be set to 70.

Palla boyfriend material

Prerequisites: Palla >= 70, Palla present, done Palla discusses sex

Palla tries to talk to Mike about their relationship. Mike can establish that they are friends with benefits, or declare he wants her as a girlfriend, something she seems to resist. Mike can establish whether or not she should be allowed to see other men, but only if Palla >= 50.

Palla establishes boundaries

Prerequisites: 24:00, Palla >= 70, Palla >= 100, done Palla boyfriend material

With Palla firmly in love with Mike, she calls to ask if Mike is okay with her dating other people.

If he says no, Palla max is raised to 100. Otherwise it stays at 70 .

Is Palla dating someone else?

Prerequisites: Nightclub, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, 0:00-04:00, done Palla establishes boundaries, Palla is not present, not on a date

Mike sees Palla go into the VIP with someone else. He can try to follow but will be prevented. He has no idea who this mysterious person is.

Mike meets Palla’s mystery man

Prerequisites: Electronics shop, done Is Palla dating someone else?

Mike meets Palla’s mystery guy, who turns out to be a man named Shawn who works in the electronics shop. Mike gently probes Shawn for information.

Mike asks Palla about Shawn

Prerequisites: Talk menu option for Palla, done Mike meets Palla’s mystery man

Mike asks Palla about Shawn and she comes completely unglued.

Outcome: Palla disappears.

Shawn confronts Mike about Palla

Prerequisites: Street 20:00-24:00, 2 days after Mike asks Palla about Shawn

Shawn meets Mike in the street and angrily confronts him about what Mike did to hurt Palla. They can fight, but Shawn will always lose.

Shawn reveals he was not actually dating Palla, but instead is her roommate, and she’s having trouble paying the rent. Mike can cover her rent by buying weed from Shawn.

Palla returns

Prerequisites: Living room 20:00-24:00, 7 days after Shawn confronts Mike about Palla

Palla shows up at Mike’s doorstep, clearly upset. She admits that she’s been lying to Mike about her financial well-being, and apologizes. 

Outcome: Palla is available again.

Palla explains her situation

Prerequisites: Mall ground floor (the floor when you enter the mall), done Palla returns, not on a date

Palla asks Mike to have a coffee with her, and explains that her dreams have been crushed and she’s been pretending that her career is great, but it’s not. Mike offers to be her agent and help get her career back on track. Palla says she’ll need to think about it.

Mike becomes Palla’s agent

Prerequisites: 2 days after Palla explains her situation

Palla agrees for Mike to become her agent.

Outcome: Mike can give Palla jobs on the smartphone.

Palla’s Career

Once Mike becomes Palla’s agent, he can get her jobs.

On Mike's smartphone, he can find new jobs for her, as well as assign her to an available job.

While employed, Palla will have a career gain based upon the job. Every week she will get paid, and Mike will take 10% after her expenses. However, each job also has a difficulty. If her career is too low she can get fired.

However, if she gets fired 3 times, Mike can suggest that she does porn. She resists, but Mike can force the issue, and if he does, she can eventually become a porn star. (*)

The following chart contains all the possible jobs. The minimum career is how high her career needs to be to get the job. The maximum is how far that job can take her. The income is per week, and Career shows how many points of Career per week she can gain.

If her career is not more than +10 of the job difficulty, she can get fired. If her career is less than the job difficulty, she will get fired.

Job Minimum Maximum Difficulty Income Career
Nova Sportswear
5 /wk
8 /wk
20 /wk
Chronicle Clothing
10 /wk
8 /wk
20 /wk
5 /wk
12 /wk
Escape Collection
5 /wk
Mind's Eye Clothing
5 /wk
5 /wk
Couture par Aurore
5 /wk
10 /wk
10 /wk
6 /wk*
5 /wk
Palla Poundin*
5 /wk

Sex events

Palla mall date fuck

Prerequisites: Shopping spree with Palla date, had sex > 2 times

(Repeatable) Mike can take Palla on a shopping spree, and they can have sex in the changing room.

Hot tub Sex

Prerequisites: Home Date, Palla >=50, Sex with Palla at least once, Hot tub repaired

During at Date at home click the "Dip in the hot tub" button when all the requirements are met.

Bitchy Harem with Audrey

Prerequisites: Palla restaurant date, Palla >= 80, Audrey >= 70, Palla & Audrey >= 50, done Palla establishes boundaries

During a Date in the Restaurant Palla and Audrey planned a surprise for Mike.

For more information : Bitchy Harem

Other Events

Pregnancy Request

Palla pill talk on

Prerequisites: Palla > 50, Command Palla to go off the pill

At first Palla can not go pregnant, because she is on the Pill. If MC demands her to go off the Pill, she will refuse.

If Mike pushes the issue, she says she’ll think about it.

Palla pill talk off

Prerequisites: Pallas Career must be at >75

If you get Palla employed and get her career up to 75, she’ll call Mike and say she’ll maybe answer differently if he asks again.

After that she stops take the Pill and can now go pregnant.

Birthday Date

Prerequisites: Schedule a date on her birthday, Fall 14th

She wants to go to the mall and asks what you think of the choice

Be falsely enthusiastic +10
Be honest with her No effect

She wants your opinion on some clothes...

1st Resonse
2nd Resonse
Choose the first one -10 Be nice, take the bill +15
Choose the second one -10 No way girl, I'm not paying -10
It's too hard to choose on or the other +15

You have arranged a photoshoot which gives a +15 bonus.

Next stop is the coffee shop.

Take your phone out and do the same +15
Ask her if she's gonna drink it at some point -10

She now demands her birthday gift (see table below for the values for the gifts I had on my runthru). Also, there is a boost to
due to the amount of given. Therefore, the listed in the table is the cumulative. given due to the gift.

A sex slave's story +1 +27.5 Lots of flowers +2 +42.5
Butt plug +1 +27.5 Nice scarf +1 +27.5
Cosplay outfit +2 +37.5 Purse +3 +50
Cute swimsuit +3 +50 Sexy dress Note -1 -15
Cute top +2 +35 Sexy swimsuit Note -1 -15
Fancy purse +7 +87.5 Shoes +2 +35
Fancy shoes +5 +65 Slutty dress +1 +27.5
Lingerie +3 +42.5 Yuri manga

Note Not sure whether the negative results are because she hates this gift or because she already had one

Palla decides whether the date was a success or not. You need a date score =>100 to be successful.
If so, the pair of you look for some privacy.

Outcome: Depends on choices made.

Time schedule

The following table shows at which time you can meet Palla in various locations.

Warning: The table is only valid if you turn randomness off.

Before Mike is her manager

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 05:00 nightclub
10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 gym 06:00 10:00 sleep
12:00 13:00 coffee shop 12:00 13:00 coffee shop 12:00 13:00 coffee shop 12:00 13:00 coffee shop 12:00 13:00 coffee shop 12:00 14:00 clothes shop 11:00 12:00 gym
14:00 15:00 gym 14:00 15:00 gym 14:00 15:00 gym 14:00 15:00 gym 14:00 15:00 gym 15:00 16:00 waterpark spring/summer 13:00 14:00 gym
16:00 18:00 clothes shop 16:00 18:00 clothes shop 16:00 18:00 clothes shop 16:00 18:00 clothes shop 16:00 18:00 clothes shop 15:00 16:00 clothes shop fall/winter 15:00 16:00 gym
19:00 gym 19:00 gym 19:00 gym 19:00 gym 19:00 gym 17:00 18:00 park 17:00 18:00 gym
20:00 sex shop 20:00 sex shop 20:00 sex shop 20:00 sex shop 20:00 sex shop 21:00 23:00 pub 19:00 23:00 pub

After Mike became her manager

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 09:00 sleep 00:00 10:00 sleep
10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 mall (ground floor) 10:00 11:00 gym 11:00 18:00 gym
12:00 17:00 work 12:00 17:00 work 12:00 17:00 work 12:00 17:00 work 12:00 17:00 work 12:00 14:00 clothes shop 19:00 23:00 pub
18:00 19:00 clothes shop 18:00 19:00 clothes shop 18:00 19:00 clothes shop 18:00 19:00 clothes shop 18:00 19:00 clothes shop 15:00 16:00 waterpark spring/summer
15:00 16:00 clothes shop fall/winter
17:00 18:00 park
21:00 23:00 pub