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Identifying the correct file

Identifying which save file you have to choose is relatively easy since the naming pattern for save files is always the same. This guide should also work with products which are not distributed by Andrealphus Games.

Locating the save file in game

The first thing that needs explanation is how the Renpy save file system works.

Pages: You'll notice the numbers on the bottom of your screen. Those are the page numbers. In Renpy games the save system is built so that you have 6 entries for each page. The amount of pages you can have is not limited, however Renpy games will always only show you the first nine pages. You can go beyond the ninth page, but beware that there is no more indication about which page you're currently on. In this example, it'll display the number of the page you're currently on in gray.

Save slots: The save slots above the page numbers are limited to 6 entries per page and are in a fixed order. It's always from the top left to bottom right and numbered from 1 to 6 (top left is 1 and bottom left is 4).

Save file name: The save file name is a combination of page number + save file slot. The first number of the save file name is always the Page number on which the save slot is located and the second number is the save slot itself.

In case of the picture you can see on the right side the name for the save file you're looking for would be: This name pattern is the same for all platforms.

Save file location on your device

You would think that the save files for the game are saved in the normal game folder under game/saves, but that is only a local copy (only valid for the copy of the game the folder is in) of the actual save files which are located somewhere else.


To make sure that you have the correct save file you can use this command on Windows to navigate to the correct save file location: %appdata%\RenPy (you can copy and paste this into the Windows search). This command will bring you to the folder where all Renpy games save the most recent version of a save file. You should see a couple of folders which are named similar to the ones in the picture.

The LoSe_xyz folders are the ones for L&S:Second Base.

After you choose the folder you need a save file from you have to locate the file by it's name in the folder (see the paragraph above on how the naming pattern works). On the right side you'll find an example on how those files look like in the save file location.

Please only ever send us the unzipped save file. Don't send us the whole save file folder since we only need the specific save file where the error occurred on!


Your Ren'py save files on Mac can be found at this path: ~/Library/RenPy/

To access the above path:

  1. Open up a Finder window
  2. Press COMMAND + SHIFT + G
  3. Paste/enter the path (~/Library/RenPy) into the text field and hit Go


On Linux, you can find your Ren'py save files in the following folder: ~/.renpy/


On Android your save files can be found in Documents/RenPy_Saves

Save location changes (love & sex):

Due to many changes made on the android builds, save locations frequently changed. Here's a summary of the changes made.

Monthly version Weekly version Save location(s)
Before 23.12.0 Before week.202350 SD:/Android/data/com.andrealphusgames.loveandsexsecondbase
23.12.0 week.202350



24.2.0 week.202407



24.2.0c week.202410




On Android your save files can be found in SD:/Android/data/com.andrealphusgames.loveandsexsecondbase

This is a protected folder and you will need to connect your device to a computer to access this folder.

Downloading another file manager might work too (no guarantee)


Save management on steam is a little more complicated due to cloud sync.

The saves are located in the following folders:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Love & Sex Second Base\game\saves (local copy)
  • C:\Users\<YOUR_USER>\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\LoSe_20_1-1512630773 (actual saves)

And cloud saves are located there:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<YOUR_STEAMID>\1264710\ac\GameInstall\game\saves  (steam cloud saves)

If you need to move or wipe your saves, follow the following steps:

  • Disable steam cloud sync on the game. (right click on the games, properties, general)
  • Move or delete the following folders:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Love & Sex Second Base\game\saves
    • C:\Users\<YOUR_USER>\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\LoSe_20_1-1512630773
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<YOUR_STEAMID>\1264710\ac\GameInstall\game\saves

Re-enabling cloud sync will probably lead to a conflict between local and remote cloud saves.

Choose your local cloud saves if prompted.

Weekly saves

As weekly builds can be really unstable, we choose to separate them completely (their saves too).

If you want to use your save from the monthly release in the weekly release, you can copy the monthly save folder in the weekly save folder.

Weekly folders are the same as monthly folders listed above, they are just suffixed by "-weekly" .