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In-game description: "Angela is my mother."

Angela is Mike's mother and Minami's stepmother. She visits them once during one of Minami's events.

She is not a romance option for Mike MC nor will she be one in the future!


Dinner time

This event can either trigger with Bree or Minami

Prerequisites Bree: done Striking distance or Die hard, Bree >= 85, invite her to a restaurant date

Prerequisites Minami: done Angelas Visit, Minami >= 90, invite her on a restaurant date

Mike and his date will spot some familiar faces on their date in the restaurant.

If they follow them to the restroom, they will witness something obscene.

Outcome: If they followed them, Mike can ask about what they saw.

An urgent matter

Prerequisites: done Dinner time and followed them to the restrooms, interact with Bree

Mike will ask Bree if she can give him the phone number of her father.

If Mike didn't visit the scene in the restroom with Bree Mike needs >= 60 to convince her (optional).

After this event Mike has the following options on who to call:

  • Bruce
  • Angela
  • His father

You can find the option to call them in the Services tab of Mikes phone.

Every one of those tells Mike something different but there is no consequence to either of these events.