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Pregnancy section

Hi Domestos, I saw that you moved the pregnancy section back to this page. I had previously moved it to Romances since everything related to the girls (dating, sex, marriage) is explained there, while the Game Mechanics page only describes the MC's daily rhythm (needs, chores etc). However, I am happy to discuss rather than just undo your changes. I do agree that people might be looking for the info under Game Mechanics, but that is also true of a number of things explained elsewhere. Thoughts? NinjaMaster (talk) 05:25, 2 June 2022 (EDT)

Moved Pregnancy

While I agree that Fertility/Potency could be part of the Romance site. However the description it provides is more fitting for the Game mechanic site of the wiki since it does not really explain the effect it has on the romance between the MC & the girls. A small description on the Romance site with LP & money loss and a link to the pregnancy chances would probably fit better to the romance site then an explanation on how that game mechanic works.

You're welcome to discuss such things on the official Discord server