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Jack is one of Mike's oldest friends.

Story events (Mike MC)

Demons and Demi-Gods

Prerequisites: days played >= 14, Saturday/Sunday 14:00 - 17:00, living-room

Jack visits Mike on the weekend. He tells Mike that he wants to try the new version of Demons and Demi-Gods and that his house would be the perfect place to do so. As soon as Jack sees Mike's roommates Jack is not taking no for an answer as soon as both Bree and Sasha decide to also join their adventure.

Jack calls

Prerequisites: done Demons and Demi-Gods, Monday - Friday, 14:00 -17:00

Jack calls to tell Mike that he plans to play the next Sunday.

The adventure

Prerequisites: done Jack calls, Sunday, 14:00 - 17:00, living-room

Jack hands out all their character sheets and they start their adventure in the local tavern. Mike has to decide multiple times during this adventure if he sides with Bree or with Sasha when something needs to be decided.

Decision 1 Decision 2 Decision 3
Choose Bree +1 RPG-point +1 RPG-point +1 RPG-point
Choose Sasha +1 RPG-point +1 RPG-point +1 RPG-point

After the third decisions if one of them has zero RPG-points she will tell Mike that she didn't like it and that will end the RPG sessions.

Outcome: Depending on their RPG-points they will gain the same amount of LP.

The adventure continues

Prerequisites: done the adventure, Sunday, 14:00 - 17:00 living-room, Bree & Sasha RPG-point's >= 1

Sasha and Bree are eager to play the next round of their Double D adventure. While they wait for Jack to arrive Mike decides to lift the mood a little by asking pointing out that both of them bought their own dice set's.

Look at Bree's dice +1 RPG-point Look at Sasha's dice +1 RPG-point

After Mike checked out either Bree's or Sasha's dice Jack finally arrives and they playing.

If Minami has already moved in, she will also partake in this round. Therefore the Choose Minami option is only valid if she is part of this adventure.

Decision 2 Decision 3
Choose Sasha +1 RPG-point +1 RPG-point
Choose Bree +1 RPG-point +1 RPG-point
Choose Minami not available +1 RPG-point
Choose none not available +1 RPG-point (all of them)

The adventure will continue if Sasha & Bree each have >= 2 RPG-points and Minami (if she is part of the group) has >= 1 RPG-point