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Lexi is a trailer park trash, drug addicted prostitute. She isn’t smart, but she can be sweet.

Story events

Stranger danger

Prerequisites: City, Money.png>= 250, days played >= 9, 18:00 - 02:00

Bree will meet a strange girl named Lexi who invites her to a party. If Bree decides to follow Lexi she will get into a fight with Danny. If she does not have the martial arts skill she will lose 500 Money.png. If Bree decides to ignore Lexi nothing happens. (You can trigger the event again)

Outcome: Depending on your choice either nothing will happen or Bree will lose 500 Money.png

Coffee time

Prerequisites: done Stranger danger >= 1 days ago

Bree decides to grab a cup of coffee after her previous encounter with Danny and Lexi. She meets Lexi and they talk about what happend the other day. Bree can tell Lexi to fuck off (removing her from the game) or she can decide to let Lexi tell her story.

Outcome: Lexi is either gone forever or available (depending on your choice).

Found Someone, You Have

Prerequisites: done Coffee time >= 3 days ago, Lexi Love.png >= 10, Lexi Gp.png >= 45, Saturday or Sunday 12:00 - 19:00, be at home

Bree is preparing for a movie marathon of her favorite movie series Star Battles when Lexi calls and decides to show up spontaneously. They start watching the movies together. Bree can offer Lexi to stay over or can tell her that it's late already.

Outcome: Lexi max Love.png set to 20, Lexi is now datable

Pool time fun

Prerequisites: done Found Someone, You Have >= 3 days ago, Lexi Love.png >= 20, Lexi Gp.png >= 40, summer, be at home, 20:00 - 23:00

Lexis surprises Bree at home and she brought a couple of things with her.

If Bree decides to smoke she will get -4 morality. If she declines she will gain +1 morality.

After smoking the weed they decide to have some fun in the pool.

Outcome: Lexi max Love.png set to 30