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In-game description: "One of my roommates, Sasha is a goth girl. She can be acerbic, but knows how to have a lot of fun."

Sasha is a smaller-chested brunette goth girl who is one of the roommates. She is available as a romance option for both Bree and Mike MC.

She is into music and kinky sex.

Sasha is possessive! If you kiss someone in front of Sasha, many events will no longer trigger. She considers this cheating. Events noted with “not cheated” will not trigger, in this case, and you cannot recover this state.

If you allow to go negative, Sasha gets Dom Points () instead, and this opens up special scenes.

If you have the cooking skill, you can make a meal for Sasha (and Bree) in at 08:00 and 20:00 to gain .

Story events


Prerequisites: Hallway 09:00-24:00, not cheated, Sasha is in her room and not sleeping

The MC can help Sasha unpack. Having > 8 or > 15 provides additional dialogue options with more possibilities.

With randomness on, this event has a 25% chance of triggering on Mon, Tues and Thu evenings. It has 100% chance of triggering Saturday at 19:00.

Outcome: Sasha Max set to 20

Fun in the mall

Prerequisites: done Unpacking, mall (ground floor), Sasha is present, interact with her

Due to Sasha's schedule it's not possible to trigger this event in spring/summer if you play on a fixed schedule

Bree meets Sasha in the Mall and they decide to eat some ice cream.

Outcome: Sasha Max set to 30

Game night at the Pub

Prerequisites: done Fun in the mall, pub, Sasha >= 10, Sasha is in the pub

Bree and Sasha are playing a are playing a nice game of billiard.

Outcome: Sasha Max set to 50

Poolside shenanigans

Prerequisites: done Game night at the Pub, Sasha >= 20, kitchen, spring/summer, Sasha is present

Bree and Sasha decided to relax at the pool for the day.

Outcome: Sasha Max set to 70

Coffee and a conversation

Prerequisites: done Poolside shenanigans, Sasha >= 40, kitchen, 07:00 - 10:00, Sasha is present

Bree and Sasha decide to grab a cup of coffee at the coffeeshop and have a nice little conversation in the morning.

The Deathless Harpies

Prerequisites: done Coffee and a conversation, at home, 19:00 - 24:00

Sasha introduces Bree to the Deathless Harpies.

Outcome: Sasha Max set to 90